Here is the final version of the Golden Horn Metro Bridge

Yenikapi Haciosman Metro Stations Times and Routes
Yenikapi Haciosman Metro Stations Times and Routes

Here is the final version of the Golden Horn Metro Bridge: With the metro connection that is built on the Golden Horn in Istanbul, it is expected to be the solution to the city's traffic problem.

29 With the metro crossing bridge planned to be opened in October 2013, both sides of the Golden Horn once again come together. With the bridge costing 180 million TL, the Istanbul metro will reach the Yenikapı Transfer Station uninterruptedly. Transfer to Marmaray and Aksaray-Airport light metro lines will be provided in Yenikapı.

One of the important connection points of the Istanbul metro, the Halic Metro Transition Bridge is being completed. The bridge that cost 180 million pounds connected Unkapanı and Azapkapı. Mayor Kadir Topbaş who underwent herniated disc last month, will pass along the bridge from the bridge in the coming days. The installation of the Haliç Metro Passage Bridge, which is part of the Taksim-Yenikapı metro line, which was started to be built by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 1998, was completed.


Azapkapı and Unkapanı were connected with the bridge, which was talked for several months with the allegations that the historical peninsula broke the silhouette. The 13 meter-long bridge, built at 430 meters above sea level, has two supporting towers at the 47 meter. In order to prevent any collapses on the bridge whose floor is sloped, the tower feet were immersed from the sea floor to the bottom of the 110 meter. 180 million pounds that cost the bridge with Marmaray 29 in October, a feverish work continues to open.


A crane has been specially designed for the installation of the 380 and 450 bridge legs in Yalova. The crane with a carrying capacity of 800 will be removed with the completion of the installation. Upon completion of the installation of the bridge, electrical-mechanical operations, rail installation and lighting work will be started.

The Golden Horn subway crossing, which is an important part of the Taksim-Şişhane-Unkapanı-Şehzadebaşı-Yenikapı metro line, comes out to the surface in Azapkapı and enters the underground again in Unkapanı after passing the bridge with the bridge. The bridge with Unkapanı and Azapkapı viaducts has a length of 936 meters. Taksim-Yenikapı metro line, which will cross the bridge, will consist of 5,2 stations with a total length of 4 km. The bridge opens for the passage of ships from the Golden Horn. In the extraordinary situation, the rotating bridge at Unkapanı tunnel entrance will be increased by 12 cm and the 90 degree will be opened on one leg and 50 meter will be provided for ship passages.


The projects related to the bridge were approved by the Protection Board on the 6 July 2005. Since its approval, it has been the subject of controversy because of its impact on the historical peninsula silhouette. Those who wanted to create alternative projects organized signature campaigns to stop the construction of the existing bridge. In the first project, the height of the carrier towers was 82 meter. However, the UNESCO is removed from Istanbul's World Heritage List and warned that it will be taken to the ”world heritage list at risk '. Carrier tower heights were reduced to 65 meters, then to 47 meters. The construction of the bridge, which accelerated last year, is now close to the end. 29 With the bridge planned to be opened in October 2013, the Istanbul metro will reach the Yenikapı Transmission Station without any interruption.

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