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The logistics search conference di Logistics Center Concept and Istanbul's Central Logistics Centers X was held at 21 May 2013 in Istanbul University Faculty of Political Sciences Meeting Hall.

The company and the managers of the companies that produce many logistic services participated in the 'Search Conference' organized by Istanbul University and International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association (UTİKAD).

In the Logistics Search Conference held with the participation of university, public, NGO and private sector representatives, the growth performance of Istanbul and the integration of the rapidly growing logistics sector and the choice of logistics regions were discussed.

Moderated Dr. Murat ERDAL and Assoc. Dr. Pelin Pınar Özden, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, UTİKAD, City Planners Chamber, İstanbul Customs Brokers Association, Turkish Airlines, Intercombi, Asyaport, LCWaikiki, DeFacto, BTA, Yünsa, Kaynak Holding, Speed ​​Logistics, Asbir Warehouse, Martı Customs Clearance , Hayat Kimya, Pensan, Konya Şeker, Fan Logistics, EMD Depoculuk and Ekol Logistics officials attended the meeting and expressed their opinions on the subject.

In the first session of the conference, the concept of logistic center by the speakers, the importance of logistics centers in terms of regional development and supply chain, the location selection criteria for the logistics centers, the infrastructure and legislation to establish the logistics centers, the responsibilities of the stakeholders of the logistics centers and the stakeholders , logistics center structuring project and selection of institutions and organizations to take part in the operation model were discussed in detail.

In the second session of the conference, the ilave Logistic Center Regions of Istanbul plan was opened to discussion, and the logistics center need of Istanbul, the logistic areas foreseen in the environmental plan of Istanbul and 3. The airport and its surroundings Hadimkoy, Ambarli, Tuzla-Orhanli, 3. The opinions and suggestions regarding the Airport and its Surroundings, Pendik Güzelyalı and Silivri / Gümüşyaka and Kavaklı regions were evaluated.

The main issue highlighting the participants' share of the issue was the lack of logistics center projection of the city according to the population and trade increase rate, and emphasized the unplanned planning of the logistics service, which will be felt more intensively in the future.

Professor Dr. Murat Erdal, changing the growth areas of the city, but the arrival of the logistic clustering of the beautiful and chaos developed by drawing attention, "I need to plan the need for logistics center in Istanbul 20 million population, international transport and retail distribution according to the fact that need to." He said.

It was also mentioned that Ministries, local administrations and private sector requirements were uncoordinated in the Search Conference, where there was a need for a similar structure between the Ministries and public institutions in addressing the country and local problems in logistics. Another issue still strongly underlined the infrastructure logistics centers in Turkey, legislation and management (operation) was the lack of models.

At the conference, it was stated by the participants that the ideal location for the logistics centers should be in the middle of the connection roads, the customs units should be in the structure and the 24 should be in a structure that provides hours of service. At the same time, the European side of the logistical regions reached the saturation point, there is no room to expand and the center will remain in a very short time within the city center by drawing attention to the problem, because of a difficult factor such as traffic, the region is only available for companies that will export to Europe is agreed to be agreed .

In the conference where infrastructure and legislation issues were also discussed, it was emphasized that the fact that the sector was subject to more than one ministry and law made it more difficult to work in coordination and harmony and unfair competition in the sector was common because of different practices. In line with the development dynamics of our foreign trade and the perspective of effective transportation to new markets, the Logistics Search Conference, in which the views of establishing logistics centers close to Russia, the Near East and the Caucasus, were highlighted, were agreed to give priority to the areas where production is concentrated in the logistics region selection.

Although the number of institutions providing logistics training has increased in number, it has been pointed out that the companies of the sector have problems in reaching the qualified and experienced workforce. Within this framework, it was stated that the curriculum should be developed and integrity should be ensured.

Once again, the role of associations in the sector, which is a non-governmental organization, has been emphasized once more, and the importance of UTİKAD's work on the solution of sector problems was once again mentioned.

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