Metro in Istanbul should be further developed

Metro in Istanbul should be further developed
The Chamber of Civil Engineers held a panel discussion on the urban and transportation problems of Istanbul.

In the panel, where the subject of Urban Transformation was also on the agenda, the compatibility of new settlements in Istanbul with transportation projects, Unplanned construction, earthquake resistance, Marmaray Project and projects prepared in the field of transportation were discussed.

Stating that there is a serious infrastructure problem in Istanbul, Cemal Gökçe, President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, said that public transportation alternatives are not enough for the growing population. Stating that it is important to direct citizens to use public transportation, Gökçe said: “Everything in Istanbul means transportation. For this reason, what has been done is not enough anymore. It is necessary to go beyond the car-based solution. The metro needs further development. By directing to sea transport, the situation of everyone using their own vehicle should be reduced.

CHP Istanbul Deputy Haluk Eyidogan, who attended the panel, said that the projects announced about Istanbul would harm the city and drew attention to the fact that green areas are decreasing day by day with urban transformation. Criticizing the transportation plans, Eyidogan said, “3. If the bridge and the 3rd airport are built, 1 million trees will be consumed. This part of the event is underestimated. The water basins in the New City areas are converted into settlements and concrete structures are built. He spoke in the form.

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