Istanbul-ankara High Speed ​​Train 33 Tunnel 29 Ready for Planting

Istanbul-ankara High Speed ​​Train 33 Tunnel 29 Ready for Planting
TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, who went to Switzerland to receive the award of İZMİR Commuter Transportation System Inc. "We passed by building a Tunnel, a Viaduct, a Tunnel, a Viaduct," he said.

Suleyman Karaman answered questions of journalists at Ataturk Airport on the subject and stated that they would open the Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Line with Marmaray in October.

Için Works to train the 29 to October continue as planned. At the moment there are no problems. Our work is walking. Trials will start in both Marmaray and the train line in August. If there is no hopeless obstacle, we will open it. Thus Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train and Marmaray will be opened together.

2-3 is the year. We opened an 33 mile tunnel on the Bozuyük Bilecik line. That's the most difficult region of Turkey. So we finished a tunnel making a viaduct, a tunnel a viaduct. All the tunnels on the line are over, we lay the rail. Signals will be electrified, and they will open after the completion.

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