High Speed Trains

rapid train technology
rapid train technology

📩 13/05/2019 08:19

High Speed ​​Train: High Speed ​​Train Projects is one of the biggest projects of our country. In the opening of Abdullah PEKER, the Vice President of the Union of Transportation and Railroad Employees of the Labor Union, which states that the high speed train lines will pass through or pass through the cities, which will provide economic and tourism vitality.

“According to the researches in Cities where high speed trains pass; They think that 78% brings vitality to the commercial life of the city, 80% contributes to tourism, 80% YHTs continue their investments regardless of the cost, 65% YHTs include our country among the developed countries ”.

Peker, imkânı Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project provides the opportunity to reduce the travel time between Ankara and Istanbul, which is the two largest cities of our country, and to provide high comfort and safety. In this project, Ankara-Istanbul between the two lines, electric, 250 km per hour, considering the speed of the signal is considered to be 3 hours between Istanbul, Turkey, other regions in the construction of the ongoing high-speed train projects will provide incredible contributions to the national economy, "he said.


In his statement, Peker said, “Ankara-Sivas YHT project construction continues, although it was said by the politicians that it will be put into service in 2014, I insist that this project will end in 2016. Considering the physical and geographical location between our country and Ankara Sivas, it will be seen that I am right. In addition, in the continuation of this project, there is a railway connection with Caucasian countries and on the other hand, Europe, Iran and the Middle East. The high-speed train between the countries will pass through Sivas, which is a gain for Sivas, ”Peker said.

Peker, acak Ankara-Sivas is now 603 km by rail, travel time is about 12 hours. service and is a gain. In our opinion, when the fast train project is over, the governor of Sivas will leave the village and become a European city. Tır

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