Women gathering iron from high-speed train construction injured police

Women gathering iron from high-speed train construction injured police
While collecting scrap iron during the works of High Speed ​​Train Line in Derince District of KOCAELİ, a group of Roma women fighting with the workers who hindered them cut off the head of a police officer who intervened. While the police officer was taken to hospital, 5 woman was detained.

The event occurred at the time 16.30 queues. 5 Roman women, who collected the iron from the dismantling of the old lines to sell them to the scrapman during the high-speed train line works, discussed with the workers trying to prevent them. Workers who can not prevent the women who have caged with them reported the situation to the police. Police teams from the Derince Police Department intervened in the incident, this time women attacked the police with iron bars and cuts. One of the women injured the police officer Recep Kermen with a cutter in his hand.

The bloodied police officer was immediately taken to the Training and Research Hospital and was treated. It was learned that the wounded police officer had 7 stitches on his head. The police officer will be kept under observation for some time against the danger of brain trauma.

5 Roman women who had been involved in the incident were taken into custody by neutralizing the teams.

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