Road Crashed in the Construction of High Speed ​​Train Line

Road Crashed in the Construction of High Speed ​​Train Line
Landslide occurred due to the construction of the High Speed ​​Train line in the Gulf.
High-Speed ​​Train line between Istanbul and Ankara continues in Körfez district. During the high-speed train works, road expansion was made, landslides in the street parallel to the train line occurred. Fatih Mahallesi Superior Street due to land slippage occurred in the street was closed to traffic with barriers.

In case of possible rainfall landslide increased, warning that the infrastructure lines on the street can damage buildings and officials of the Gulf Municipality, TCDD and ION Consulting company managers said that the issue. Gulf Municipality, TCDD and ION Consultancy company officials warned that the landslide places wanted to build a retaining wall.

Fatih Neighborhood Superior Street `` a long time about the landslide and the situation that has been initiated and uneasy about the situation that the citizens wanted to take measures as soon as possible. Citizens residing in the region are now afraid to enter their homes, noting the urgency of the situation, he noted.

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