Where's the lake? The airport was swallowed!

Where's the lake? The airport was swallowed!
With the EIA, the lakes turned into 'puddles', the trees disappeared.
The 3rd airport EIA report submitted to the Ministry included lakes and millions of trees. In the final report the lakes turned 'puddles', trees disappeared.

Two separate Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports on the third airport planned to be built in the north of Istanbul were prepared and entered a new process. The first 238-page report was published in April on 9. This report then went to the Inspection Evaluation Commission of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Directorate General of EIA, Permit and Inspection. Following the review of the Commission, 22 prepared a Nisan Final EIA Report N on 319 in April. The suspension is expected to be approved for this report. But there are striking differences between the two reports.

70 had lake, pond and pond

According to Radikal's report, while it was stated in the first report that there were 70 lakes, ponds and ponds in the area where the airport will be built, all these areas were reflected in the final report as 'large and small puddles'. Detailed information on lake areas covering 182 hectares was given on page 660 of the first report. It was told that the largest of the lakes was Kulakçayırı. However, the name of Kulakçayırı Lake was never mentioned in the final EIA report prepared after it was examined by the Investigation and Evaluation Commission. On page 103 of the final report, it was stated that there are 70 puddles of various sizes, the water in these areas will be used during the construction phase, the excavation will also be filled here, and the aquatic and living life in these areas will also disappear.

Expert Opinion: Murat Taşdemir, President of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers, stated that in the final report, the concepts such as lake, pond and pond were not used in the final report and all those areas were consciously displayed as ponds. Murat Tasdemir, the airport will be made in the region 660 hectare wetland area was defeated at once.

The tender before the EIA

Istanbul's third airport will be built on the 7650 hectare (76 million 500 thousand square meters) area at the Arnavutköy-Göktürk-Çatalca junction close to Terkos Lake on the Black Sea coast. The area between Akpınar and Yeniköy is the forest of 6172 hectares. 660 hectares consist of lakes and ponds. 150 million people will be moved annually at the airport 2017. 3 will be held in May. The final EIA report 22 was suspended in April. The hanging time 7 is completed in May. In other words, the EIA process will be approved before the tender. This is against the EIA regulations. Murat Taşdemir sued the Ankara Administrative Court for the suspension of the execution and the cancellation of the tender. The Chamber of Environmental Engineers also emphasized that the approval of the report cannot be granted before the completion of the stages of suspension. The room also stated that the project has already ignored environmental legislation, even at the planning stage.

Not able to move 1.8 million trees from the region

The first report of 134. The total number of 2 million 513 trees in the area is 341 thousand, 657 bin 950 will be forced to cut and 1 million 855 thousand 391 tree could be moved information. However, the number of trees in the final EIA report was not given.

EXPERT VISION: Istanbul University Faculty of Forestry, Department of Environment and Forest Law Head of Department. Dr. Sedat Ayanoglu, reports and evaluated the difference:

Tutar It holds trillions to move the tree up. It's a new investment. It would make it cheaper to do it. 10-15 meters are specialized teams for the transport of trees. The tree opens. Packed. Connecting with chains. Lifting with cranes. Forest cannot be transported. And where are those trees going to move? It was just put in place to calm environmentalists. The tree can be cut. But the important thing is the land. By making an airport on the ground, you are giving up the benefits of that land. Opinions were received from the relevant units. No place to be protected. The EIA report should be inspected by experts. Ç

800 thousand bird's migration path and close to garbage field

According to the EIA report, the largest airport in Istanbul, Odayeri Solid Waste Landfill, is located in the 3.5 kilometer of the third airport. The report also states that 'risk analysis of bird-plane collisions can be prepared with bird counting during construction and operation.

EXPERT OPINION: Ornithologist Zeynel Arslan from Istanbul University considers that research on birds should be done before the project is started:

Kon All matters related to nature are ignored in aircraft crashes. 800 thousand birds call the migration path. Normally, these studies need to be done before the study begins. What will happen if the risk factor is high? Measures will be taken later to remove birds. Cost increases. Maliyet

Murat Taşdemir, according to the rules of civil aviation should be at least 13.5 kilometers away from a landfill reminded, otherwise, the birds will create a danger for aircraft, he said.

Wind should be examined for two years

In the final EIA report, tables were prepared according to the information received from the air observation stations. Accordingly, taking into account the data of the Kumköy measurement station near the 40 kilometer of the area where the airport will be constructed, the region has a strong wind on the 107 day of the year and the average 32 day storm. 65 day of the year is also cloudy.
EXPERT OPINION: Former Chamber of Environmental Engineers President Murat Tasdemir argued that the wind would be at storm levels at the airport in the middle of the year:

In In order to obtain healthier data, a minimum of two years of measurement is required at the location of the airport. The location of the tracks has not been selected correctly. Only a wind rose can be installed here. There are already many wind roses in the region. The reason is that this region receives too much wind.

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