Railroad Activities From Past to Present (Photo Gallery)

Railroad Activities From Past to Present
Beykoz Lojisitk Vocational School Kavacık Campus Conference Hall Yer Railroads From Past to Present j was held. The guest of the event was Yaşar Rota, General Director of the Railways Association.

Mr. Rota mentioned the following topics;

1- Who are we

2- Transport system must be well recognized

3- The railway system must be well recognized

4-We must make you love the railway

5- Railway liberalization

6- Railroad for a Green and Clean World

Studies carried out by the association

Cooperation with Ministries and Public Institutions

TOBB Transport and Logistics Sector Vice President

TOBB Railway Subcommittee

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) Logistics Council Membership

Determining the professional standards carried out with VQA

Railway Transportation Training Program

Cooperation with universities, public and non-governmental organizations

At the end of the event, the General Manager of Railways Association Yaşar Rota was given a plaque of thanks for their participation and valuable contributions.

Source : http://www.beykoz.edu.tr


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