Garda Disabled Marathon | Eskişehir (Photo Gallery)

Garda Disabled Marathon
The train journey for disabled people in Eskişehir became a nightmare because of the ongoing construction works.

In Eskişehir, the construction of a new railway is continuing within the scope of High Speed ​​Train works, while the temporary platforms make it a difficult journey for the disabled. With the help of the well-intentioned help of the staff, people with disabilities go on a hundreds of meters of rough road, which is rugged in places. Disabled persons who cannot produce a solution for boarding or landing during the trainings can be taken out of the railway station for two weeks with the help of the officers under difficult conditions.

People with disabilities say that they want Eskişehir to be a livable city for everyone, they want freedom of travel.

Disabled people, to get on the train and then go out of the garage for the days to go out of the disabled people who have experienced a great difficulty, they said that there was no such problem before. Disabled people who expressed that they should be considered during the studies stated that they expect solutions to their problems.

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