Forgotten items in bus and rail systems in the capital

Forgotten items in bus and rail systems in the capital
In the capital city, passengers traveling in bus and rail systems forgot many vehicles.

Citizens traveling in bus and rail systems in the capital have forgotten many documents and items including drugs, prayer rugs, trunchies, shoes and student identity. Officials of the General Directorate of EGO who keep forgotten, especially the identity card, driver's license and passports, such as those who want to look at the institution's web site documents.

EGO buses in Ankara, metro and lost items in AnkaRay and delivered to EGO officials, 1 awaits their owners throughout the year. The missing items that are not owned by the commission created in certain periods of the year by auction are offered for sale. A lot of items, including wallets, prayer rugs, police batons, shoes, student ID, flash memory, umbrellas, leather coats and pillows, are announced on the website of the General Directorate of EGO.

Citizens who forget or lose their belongings, the General Directorate of EGO to give the necessary information and these items can be easily in case of lost property offices, winter umbrellas and coats in the winter months, sunglasses and watches are more forgotten.

EGO General Directorate officials, especially those who lost their documents such as identity card, driver's license and passport, who want to look at the web site of the institution, stressed that the passengers who forgot their documents have tried hard to reach both themselves and their families.

-What's missing between items?

Among the lost documents, a large number of identity cards, workplace ID, debit card, driver's license, old card are found, among the lost items, prayer rugs, sweat suits, various clothes in the bag, mobile phone, umbrella, voice recorder, towel, police batons, textbook, wristwatch, glasses case, charger, MP3 player, copper vase, medicine in the bag, glasses, belt, tool bag, coat, puzzle, electronic book, flash memory, lunch box is worth noting.

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