Wanted to Build Cableway to Cudi Mountain (Photo Gallery)

They wanted to build a cable car to Cudi Mountain
After the conflict with the resolution process, the people of Noah were believed to be sitting on the summit of Mount Cudi, which was believed to be the seat of Noah's prophet. Since the 50 year since the security and clashes could not come out of the summit of the Mount Cudi picnic group, which is considered to be a historical and holy way to reach this point to be made or asked to establish a ropeway.

A group of Syrians 30 from Şırnak went to the Sefine region on Mount Cudi, which was banned because of the conflicting environment since the year and believed to be the place where Prophet Muhammad lived. 1 hour trip with the group of vehicles, then 30 forbidden civilians for years began to climb Mount Cudi. Approximately after the 4 hour-long climb to reach the summit of Mount Cudi Şırnak'ı, according to the Prophet's ship 7 year-round searching and the ship's 1,5 km per kilometer from the front of the seat, "No more walk than you walk to where the ark of Noah," said the visit He prayed and prayed to Lavge Garip who prayed to Allah for his life and prayed. Group members made a picnic at the summit of Mount Cudi. Mehmet Altan in the group, Noah said they came to visit the Prophet, said:

U In the past, the people of Şırnak visited 7 every year. Unfortunately, 1984 has been banned since the events of the year. Now nobody can come. With the withdrawal of the PKK from the region, a peace was born. The only request from our President, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Culture is the opening of the Cudi mountain where the Noah's Prophet sailed the ship, and the establishment of a cable car line. If the highway is built here or if the cable car line is installed, our people can easily come here. We reached Sefine, the summit of Mount Cudi. It is everyone's will to reach the seat of Nuh. The place where the ship sits is Sefinedir. If you pay attention to this summit tree does not grow. There is a tomb of Sheikh Mustafa who is next to his cousin. ”


Mehmet Altan, Cudi Mountain opening to tourism, the Prophet's ship to the Sefine region said to be built the road to the Sefine region or the establishment of a cable car CNN Turkish program producer Cüneyt Özdemir'dan said they wanted to help. Altan, ini Şırnaklılar Cüneyt Özdemir'i and loves reality. Şırnak and Cudi mountain programs to be addressed and to meet these demands do not expect him to help, udi he said.

Bedri Caner, who is a member of the group, stated that the people of the region had been at peace with the peace process. We definitely need to introduce this place to the world, Bur he said.

Group and the summit of Mount Cudi Şırnak University Faculty of Theology Faculty Assoc. Hamdi Gündoğar, Cudi Mountain in the Quran and religious texts Hz. While defending the story that Noah had been narrated as a mountain where his ark was placed, he said:

Ğu Throughout the history, both the historians and the cultural studies have stated that Cudi is in the Mesopotamian region and that the ship is occupied. Mount Cudi is of great importance for faith tourism. Maybe it's not being compiled for security reasons. However, I hope that in the future, faith will be added to tourism and contribute to the development of the region. Ancak

In his verse 44 of the Quran-i Kerim Hud Surah, he said that Noah was living on Mount Cudi, and that all Islamic exegetes were allied.

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