The Formation of the Formation of the Economies of the City (TÜDEMSAŞ) (Video)

Form of Delegation of Former Economies Formed Visit to TÜDEMSAŞ
businessmen participating in the realization of urban economies form in last Sunday Sivas, representatives of civil society organizations and the AK Party Sivas Provincial Chairman Burhanettin dry, Turkey Railway Machines Industry Joint Stock Company (TÜDEMSAŞ) visited.

First of all, TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan received information about TÜDEMSAŞ's works and projects. The Provincial Chairman Burhanettin Kuru and the forum delegation visited the factory.

Speaking during the visit of the AK Party Chairman of the Republic of Burhanettin Kuru, AK Party Head Office of the Central Economic Affairs in the leadership of the Presidency of the City on the form of the Brand of the Urban Economies held in the form of one of the agenda of the agenda of TÜDEMSAŞ and National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz under the instruction of TUDEMSAS ' said they visited.

Provincial Chairman Burhanettin Kuru, Sivas, rumors circulated about the ongoing rumors about TUDEMSAS, said: “We are certainly against the privatization of TÜDEMSAŞ in our meetings with our minister and deputies. We have a clear stance on this. Again, we are against the relocation of TUDEMSAS. At this stage, we think that the relocation of TÜDEMSAŞ is not the priority of Sivas Şu.

Burhanettin Kuru, who also responded to the rumors that TÜDEMSAŞ would invest in the defense industry, said: san There is absolutely no such work. Such rumors are completely out of our will and knowledge. Our general manager and team are working on TÜDEMSAŞ. Our minister and deputies provide the necessary support. How can we improve, specialize, increase production and staff number in our own field? We're doing it. We want to enlarge this place, Bur he said.

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