CHP's Atici claimed corruption in HEPP and railway route change tenders (Video)

CHP's Atici claimed corruption in HEPP and railway route change tenders
TBMM CHP Mersin Deputy Aytuğ Atici claimed that there was corruption in the tenders for the HEPP and railway route change in Bingöl. Ali Aşlık, AK Party Deputy of Izmir, responded to Atıici's allegations by saying, "He wrote a very good script."

CHP made a group proposal for the investigation of the effects of HEPPs on the Murat River on the Muş-Palu railway, to be discussed at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly today.

CHP Mersin Deputy Aytuğ Aıtı said that 4 HEPPs will be built in Bingöl. Stating that a company constructing a HEPP has transferred the change of the railway route passing through the region to the state, Aıcı stated that TCDD has tendered the 114-kilometer route between Palu-Genç-Muş for the work that the company needs to do. Stating that the route change was tendered for 744 million lira, Aıcı said, “The railway relocation project with a profiteering is being tendered to a company. Look at the work of Allah, the company that will do the relocation and the HEPP project is closing.

While the general discount rate in the bidding in Bingöl and the region is 60, the general reduction of this tender is 16.7. Atici said that the expropriation works where the railway will pass, while the company claims to be in the state.

Claiming that there was corruption in the tenders, Aıcı said that he did not respond to the questions of the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım on this issue.

Stating that he accused Yıldırım, Aıcı requested that his allegations be answered.

AK Party Istanbul deputy Mehmet Mus, in order to meet the energy needs of Turkey stressed the need to invest $ 5 billion each year.

Pointing out that the tender price is 744 million TL including VAT and the actual figure is 634 million TL, Muş noted that 30-60 percent deduction was made in DSİ's tenders, but TCDD made the tender. Stating that Atici was distorting the incident, Muş said that there was no illegal action.

Speaking again, Aıcı reiterated that the same company was given both the dam and the railway line displacement tender and said, "If we said to do HEPP, do corruption, we said 1 lira and the right to orphans are 634 million liras".

İdris Baluken, BDP Group Deputy Chairperson, stated that Atıcı's allegations were spoken in Bingöl and said, "I sign my signature on what Atici said".

Baluken said that HEPP projects in Bingöl negatively affected agriculture and animal husbandry in the region and that nature was slaughtered, and said that these projects should be abandoned.

-Intermination of Izmir metro-

Speaking afterwards, Ali Aşlık, AK Party Deputy of Izmir, said, “He wrote a very good script for Atıcı's allegations. If even 10 percent of this scenario is true, a criminal complaint will be made, since the prosecutor does not have immunity for these actions, the prosecutor takes the file ”.

Expressing that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has not completed the subway tender for years, Aşlık argued that the lowest bid was given to the sunken company. Aşlık called out to the CHP ranks, "If you know this well, do tender consultancy to the municipality".

CHP İzmir Deputy Musa Çam, who asked to speak on Aşlık's statements, said that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality was not incompetent. Çam argued that the signatures were kept for 8 months due to Aşlık demanding a cost increase in the tender and said, “The discovery increases of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality are approved in 3 days, and İzmir is kept for 8 months. "The ministers do not consciously sign."

CHP's group proposal was not accepted.

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