Bursaray's Kestel is counting the days for the opening

Bursaray's Kestel is counting the days for the opening
The C stage, which will bring Bursaray to Kestel, counts the days, while the completion rate of the project has reached 80. Ankara Yolu is planned to open to the city center after a month. The whole of Kestel Junction will find the end of July.

The C stage studies, which will bring Bursaray to Kestel and Gürsu, continue at full speed.

Completion rate of the 80'larla reaching the project for months, which is closed for months and a portion of the road to the city of Ankara, the direction of the road to the city center is scheduled to open after approximately 1 months. From this date until the Gürsu Junction, the direction of departure and arrival will be fully opened.

After the length of the line, project and route revision, there are two bridge crossings, three transformer buildings, 8 unit level, Esenevler and Kestel, and three transformer buildings on the Kestel stage.

30 thousand cubic meters of ballast fillers, 22 thousand pieces of reinforced concrete traverses and approximately 30 kilometers will be laid along the line.


Within the scope of the project, concrete works were completed in the first six stations and electrical and mechanical installation works were continued.

Furthermore, it was learned that the rough construction work at Değirmenönü-Cumalıkızık Station was completed in the near future and opened to uninterrupted access from the beginning of June until the Gürsu Junction.

There were also elevators and escalators in the stations. While the completion rate of the first six stations reached 85, the progress in the seventh station was about 10.


After Esenevler Köprülü Junction was opened in November last year, the construction of the Kestel Junction, which is the second bridge junction on the project route, continues.

Kestel Junction, which has a completion rate of 75, will be 700 meters with its ramp structures.

For all vehicle crossings, it is planned to complete all of the underpasses at the end of July, while the upper intersection structure and the opening of the side roads will find October.


Within the scope of the project, it was stated that all the rail, traverse and shears required for the line were passed to the assembly stage, and the line upper structure, ballast series, traverse and rail assemblies were started and these works were at the ratio of 35.

In addition, 8 thousand 100 thousand meters of the total line of 7 thousand square meters of substructures and reinforced concrete products are completed, including the Otosansit-Gürsu Junction and the Arabayatağı Station Waiting Line, including the work of the thousand-meter line continues, the production of the completed line structures of the amount of 85 rate has been learned.


8 thousand 100 thousand-meter line of the production line of the catenary pole is completed in a thousand meters, the transmission of power lines in the coming days will begin the assembly of wires.

In addition, two of the three transformer buildings within the line were completed and the installation of the transformer units was reported.

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