Tram Horror in Bursa

Tram Horror in Bursa
A woman in Bursa was seriously injured by being trapped under a tram. The first intervention to the old woman was made by a physiotherapist at the scene.

Old woman on tram dragged 5 meter

The incident occurred at the time of 15.30 ranks Lightning Davutkadı Neighborhood Incirli Street. 57-year-old Mürvet Erdoğan, who came to visit his son in Bursa from Eskişehir, visited the tombs with a friend. 2 mother of the child Erdogan while walking on Incirli Street Gökdere'den bag was attached to the tram.

With the bag attached, the woman under the tram dragged 5 meters.

With the help of the surrounding citizens recovered from the tram under the scene of the first intervention to the elderly woman who passed the physiotherapy Mesut Dumanoğlu did.

While the old woman was taken to Bursa State Hospital by 112 Emergency Service teams, the patriot of the tram was taken into custody.

Police teams instituted an inquiry about the incident.

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