Winning the tender for the construction of Bahçe - Nurdağ - Fevzipaşa Variant Project, Infrastructure Works, İntekar İnşaat company was invited for the contract.

Winning the tender for the TCDD Bahçe - Nurdağ - Fevzipaşa Variant Project Infrastructure Works, İntekar Construction Company was invited for the contract.
New developments have been made regarding the "Garden - Nurdağ (Fevzipaşa) Variant Infrastructure Works" tender of the General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) under the "Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) Action Plan".

According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; The company İntekar Construction, which won the tender, was invited for the contract. A contract will be signed with the company over 193.253.783 liras in the coming days. Other companies that bid for the tender, whose approximate cost was determined to be 416.990.333,73, were determined as follows:

  1. Chord
  2. Akyapı - Ecetaş Construction

  3. Doğuş Construction - Gülsan Construction

  4. Cengiz Construction

  5. China Reinal

  6. Doruk Construction - YDA Construction

  7. Fermak Construction - Özyurt Mining

  8. Kalyon Construction

  9. Kolin Construction - Gülermak A.Ş.

  10. Limak Construction

  11. Mapa Construction

  12. Makyol Construction - Moskovsky

  13. Özaras - İnelsan Construction

  14. Özkar Construction - NTF Construction

  15. Öztaş Construction - EMT Construction

  16. Özaltın Construction - Sacry

  17. Salini - Impregilo - Taşyapı Construction

  18. Sigma - Burkay - Akçadağ Construction

  19. STY - Koçoğlu Construction

  20. Seza Construction

  21. Şenbay Mining - Özgün Construction

  22. Yertaş Construction

  23. YSE Construction

Reference: Investments Journal 1129 / 29 April 2013 (AS)

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