The Project of the Century

The Project of the Century
Basalt stones to be used in railways in some stages of Marmaray, which is described as the "Project of the Century", are sent to Istanbul by ships from Çanakkale.

The stones of a mining company from the quarry in Haliloğlu village near Çanakkale-Çan highway are brought to Kepez Port by trucks. The stones stored here are placed on cargo ships with the help of construction machinery and are shipped to Istanbul.

Company owner Hayrettin Dereli, AA correspondent, said the basalt stones, some stages of the Marmaray Project railways, will be used under the rails, he said.

Stating that Marmaray is a “big project”, Dereli explained that they learned that the contractor firm needed 800 thousand tons of basalt stone. Stating that they will not be able to meet all of this demand, but they are trying to ship as much as they can, Dereli said that they signed a contract with the company to send 100 thousand tons of stone.

Expressing that they had sent stones to the railway project in Greece before, Dereli said: “We sent many stones, but our project was interrupted due to the crisis in Greece. We expect the economy in this country to improve. From time to time, we send the same stones to Russia. Basalt is a very hard stone. No water absorption, poor crumbling, clean and dust free. Basalt is preferred because it reduces the tension of high-speed trains in motion. "

"There is an incentive for shipping by sea"

Kepez Port Manager Evren Beceren said that the loading and passenger activities at the port were continuing.

Noting that the increase in such activities in cabotage, which is defined as “domestic transportation by sea”, provides significant income for the sea fleets and the country, Beceren said, “Currently, there will be approximately 1 thousand tons of freight shipment in 100 year. We are experiencing the happiness of this. The state has a lot of support in cabotage. "There is an incentive for shipping by sea rather than by road."

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