Asphalt melting temperature

Asphalt melted in places on the Mersin-Antalya Highway due to the temperature reaching 31 degrees in Gazipaşa district of Antalya. Drivers moved slowly, considering that the vehicles could skid. The hot weather also overwhelmed the residents of the district. Those who were tired of the heat took their breath in picnic areas and Selinus Beach. In the county where sea water temperature was recorded as 22 degrees, those who came to the beach swam in the sea.
University student Ümit Hakverdi, who was exhausted from the heat, told that they came to the beach with his friends by taking the opportunity to take the holiday and said, “Because of May 1, schools were on holiday today. When the weather was very hot, we came to the sea with our friends ”. Yağmur Aydoğan Demir stated that the weather is very hot, “We sweat a lot even while walking. The weather is very hot but the sea water is cold. This year we entered the sea for the first time. We have opened the sea season, ”he said.

Source: evening

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