Armenia Outside Regional Projects Including Rail

Armenia Outside Regional Projects Including Rail
The Armenian National Congress (ANC) parliamentary group chairman Aram Manukyan, attended a conference in Turkey on the issue shortly before the South Caucasus.

According to the news of quoted, Aram Manukyan told reporters today that he concluded that Armenia was excluded from all regional projects, including gas, oil, roads and rail.

Armenia is not involved in oil, gas, road and railway projects, he said, adding that this was a result of the illogical policies of the authorities of Armenia. This situation is not something that can be corrected tomorrow, he noted. Manukyan Armenia, "indifferent" officials, not only Armenia's today, but also eliminated the future, he said.

Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia in their joint investments in highly increased attention Manukyan, said that a trilateral Azerbaijani-Georgian-Turkish alliance, founded around Armenia.

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