Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station Project Limak İnşaat - Kolin İnşaat - Cengiz İnşaat consortium was invited for the contract

TCDD Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station Project Limak İnşaat - Kolin İnşaat - Cengiz İnşaat consortium has been invited for the contract

The General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) was approved by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım for the Dev Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station Tender ilk which will be implemented for the first time by the General Directorate of TCDD.

According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; The bidder, Limak - Kolin - Cengiz Construction consortium, was invited for a contract on 20 May 2013. The officials we interviewed on the subject noted that the contract will be signed with the consortium today and the site will be delivered.

As it is known, the contract draft of the tender was submitted to the approval of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication by initializing on 10 May 2013.

As it will be remembered, on September 11, 2012, TCDD Deputy General Manager and Tender Commission Chair İsmet Duman stated that the proposal was evaluated in line with the technical and financial criteria in the meeting held in the Tender Hall of the Real Estate and Construction Department. İsmet Duman later announced that Limak İnşaat - Kolin İnşaat - Cengiz İnşaat consortium offered 19 years and 7 months of operation by opening the bid envelope in front of the press members.

Works Under the Tender: Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station, which is planned to be built on the land between Celal Bayar Boulevard and the existing station building, will be built on an area of ​​21 thousand 600 square meters. The station, which has a capacity of 50 thousand per day and 15 million per year, will have passenger lounges and buffets on the ground floor. A 5-star hotel will be built on the two floors of the station, and there will be restaurants and cafes on the rooftop. Under the ground floor of the facility, there will be platforms and ticket counters, and a downstairs parking garage for 3 thousand vehicles. Following the displacement of the lines in the existing station, the new station will be constructed with 12 meters of length, 420 high speed trains, 6 conventional, 4 suburban and freight train lines, where 2 high speed train sets can approach at the same time. Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station and the current station are planned to be used in coordination. Two station buildings will be connected underground and aboveground.

According to the project, a tunnel with a walking belt will be built from the Maltepe station of Ankaray, a light rail public transportation system. The new High Speed ​​Train Station was planned by taking into consideration the national and international standards and by examining the structure, layout, usage and operation types of high speed train stations in other countries. According to the mentioned specification, the construction period of the project will not exceed 2 years. Reference: Investments Magazine 1131/13 May 2013 (SB)

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