The attention of parents in Ankara Metro

📩 27/11/2018 16:23

The attention of parents in Ankara Metro
Two mother and one mother candidate 4 female patriots working in Ankara subway have been working with great care and devotion for years for citizens to travel smoothly. Thanks to the attention of female patriots, many violations especially caused by jokes of high school students were prevented from turning into accidents.
Nihal Öcalan, Huriye Özçelik, Sıdıka Türkoğlu and Melike Küçükbıçakçı are the female patriots of the Ankara subway that provides convenient and fast access to thousands of capitals every day. They do patriotism, which the society is not accustomed to seeing in women, with love and devotion.
Öcalan, a mother of a child, who has been an attendant at the Ankara Metro for about 7 years, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that she decided to become a vatman as an administrative staff and after a hard training, she successfully started using trains.
Öcalan stated that the first years of the surprise of the passengers disappeared in the years after being a citizen, and that it was also effective for women to do many jobs identified with men.
Pointing out that women add aesthetics and meticulousness to every work they do, Öcalan said:
“The work we do requires great attention. We are trying to do our best to make sure that people return home safely. The yellow lines that are forbidden to cross while waiting for the train that bothers me the most while doing my job Especially high school students make this violation frequently while joking with each other. Apart from that, we saw those who jumped on the rails, those who fell between the two wagons due to their carelessness. If my friends and I had not been careful, these events could have resulted in death. I also have a 13-year-old daughter. I put myself in the place of the mothers of those young people, and I realize once again how much responsibility my work entails. ”

- "Being a mother and being attending is hard" -

Özçelik, mother of two sons, decided that he decided to become a patriot with the support of his wife and that he did his job lovingly despite the difficulties.
Stating that their children are at the age of 13 and 4,5, Özçelik said that he learned that his young son was using a train and that he wanted to come to work with him every day to take the train.
“I didn't understand how 7 years passed, actually. I have 8 more years to retire. Özçelik said, “If God permits, I want to complete my business life with attendance” and noted that over time, a sincere bond formed between the passengers who looked at them with surprise.
Stating that they have done their duty carefully for a trouble-free flight on the Kızılay-Batıkent line, Özçelik said, “Being a mother and a attendant is difficult. I hope we are doing these two hard work properly ”.
Melike Küçükbıçakçı, the prospective mother, both reassures the passengers with her professionalism and attracts the attention of the passengers with her sympathetic attitude.


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