Bosphorus bridge maintenance will begin after completion of Marmaray

Bosphorus bridge maintenance will begin after completion of Marmaray
Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim said that the work on the first bridge would begin after the Marmaray project was completed.
Yıldırım did not give any information about the date of the study and stated that the work will be carried out on a date that will be least affected by the traffic in Istanbul.
Minister Binali Yildirim, the foundation of the third bridge, which will be laid tomorrow foundings. Lightning, watching the bridge work with helicopters, then came to the place where the bridge's feet came from the investigation continued. Minister Yıldırım, the reporter made a statement after the review.
Minister Yıldırım said that the third bridge would be the longest bridge over the world. To be an ecological project. 10 viaduct. In order not to affect the forest, we increased the number of viaducts. I think we have a 36 tunnel. Our goal is to preserve the natural structure, to ensure that the ecological project. Total filling amount 4 million cubic meters. We have a thousand tons of iron work. 70 pieces underpass will be 200 pieces overpass bridge. Only the amount of work on the bridge 45 thousand cubic meters. Thousands of people will be owner of the business during the construction and operation period. When this bridge is completed, transit traffic will pass through here. TIR trucks and tankers will be prevented from invading other roads. City traffic will be drawn here by the ring road. I wish the bridge would be good for Istanbul. Olmas
Yıldırım did not give any information about the name of the bridge. The name of the bridge 'you do it' name is put. As for the day, we will give the most appropriate name to this bridge. Right now we have no plans other than giving the bridge to the people of Istanbul. There are ceiling charges on fees. 8 cent per kilometer for the car, ie less than a tenth of the dollar. The bridge toll is $ 3. These are ceiling charges. This may be less than fees.. He said.
Yıldırım said, land Our preparatory work has been completed to a great extent. We will also tender. It will be after Marmaray's commission. Although the business plan was prepared to prevent the traffic from being negatively impacted, we thought it would be appropriate to start work after Marmaray. 29 The operation on the first bridge will begin after the opening in October. Work will be done within the time period that will affect the minimum of daily traffic. Günlük
Lightning, explaining that they are working on a new project related to HGS, çalış had a pre-card system. HGS system arrived. OGS was expensive. Our next step is the number of HGS in the current number of OGS. So the system sat down. In the world, such a short time passed without a system was made smoothly. It was very well done. Even if this strip writes HGS, you'll pass it through OGS. The problem will disappear once this software is released. When everyone passes where they want, no penalty will be accrued. Herkes


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