Invited to build billions of dollars from Africa

Invited to build billions of dollars from Africa
400 billion dollar construction investment in African countries aimed at realizing the Turkish contractors to land a land investment of 4 billion dollars came.

Turkey Construction Industry Employers' Association (Association) President Şükrü Koçoğlu, "After the experience exported to African countries will begin receiving a share of investment in construction," he said. Over the past highway in Nigeria in March, railway and port projects conducted by senior officials of the Federal Building Ministry of Housing Administration by staying in Turkey, İNTES that theoretical training concerning public procurement system, now also provide technical training to Nijerli technocrats.


Providing information about the project to be carried out with the support of the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Economy, President of Turkey Koçoğlu stated that Turkish contractors are exemplary for the world with their high quality works and they are ready to take part in the construction of the initiating development of Africa. Koçoğlu stating that it is unfortunate that so few of Niger's cooperation with Turkey, "I believe we will close the deficit as soon as possible," he said.


Stressing that the countries of Africa and Niger have very big projects within the scope of the development move, Koçoğlu stated that one of the most important projects is the railway project and said: les There is not even a railway line in Niger for one kilometer. They have a regional railway project. Together with Côte d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso, they want to realize a regional railway project. A total of 4 billion dollars of resources are needed for this project, which covers several countries. Only the Niger foot is 1.5 billion dollars. Because they are a comprehensive project, they need big funding.

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