The Long Journey of the Giant Railway Machine Stunned the Visitors

The screening machine, which is 49 meters long and 170 tons in weight, brought from Germany to be used in the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) rail laying system, will be taken to Eskişehir, 100 kilometers away from Pamukova District, due to the dismantling of the railway line. It is expected that the machine loaded by 30 people, including a special team from Germany, on a 240 wheeled special carrier in three hours with the help of three cranes, will be taken to Eskişehir in 4 hours.

Due to the YHT work, it was decided to send the German-made 49-meter-long, 170-ton sifting machine, which was used in the new rail system works in Kocaeli Köseköy and Sakarya's Pamukova Mekece region, to Eskişehir after the maintenance work carried out in Mekece Village. However, since the 30-kilometer section of the railway line within the borders of Eskişehir was removed due to the new line work, it was decided to transport the giant construction machine to Çukurhisar town of Eskişehir, which is 100 kilometers away. The team of 30 people, who took part in the work that started at noon for this transportation process, loaded the 49-meter-long 170-ton vehicle with the help of three separate cranes of 200, 300 and 400 tons supplied from the logistics company, after three hours of work, on a 60-meter-long special vehicle with 240 wheels.

Cemal Kılıç, who worked in this team, told reporters that the giant machine was composed of two parts and three cranes were used when loading to the carrier.

“Teams also came from Germany. They showed us the ropes we would tie up and the places where we would weld, as they knew the machine well and took responsibility for them. Since the carrier is 60 meters long, we conducted research on bridges, bends and tunnels from Mekece to Eskişehir. The giant machine set out with the carrier at around 17.00:4 is expected to be transported to Çukurhisar town of Eskişehir in XNUMX hours.

The gigantic ballast screening machine with a length of 60 meters and a weight of 240 tons, which was brought from Germany to be used in the construction of the Eskişehir-Istanbul stage of the high-speed train project, loaded on a 48 meter long 170 wheeled carrier to be taken to Eskişehir after the completion of the work, from the D-650 highway to Eskişehir. Traffic teams did not allow it to be transported by road at night until it would endanger the traffic. It is stated that the private carrier will leave at 06.30:XNUMX tomorrow morning, during the day.



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