Question proposal for the 3rd bridge

Question proposal for the 3rd bridge
CHP Deputy Chairman Emre Toprak 3. He gave a motion to the bridge.
The proposal submitted by the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yildirim to be answered in writing, is as follows:

“The construction of the Third Airport in Istanbul has brought different debates on the agenda and the doubts, concerns and concerns in this area have not been resolved yet. The concerns that both the 3rd Airport and the Third Bosphorus Bridge will cause irreversible damage to their natural habitats are tried to be overcome with different and contradictory explanations. But the most important and largest to be built in the city from many different scientific disciplines to discuss making use of these structures in the heart of Turkey, which should be negotiated and project 'was I did' logic has become winners again.

Another important issue is the ongoing debate on what the name of the Third Airport should be. Since the existing Atatürk Airport will be shut down, the fact that the same name is given to the new airport will be an intense expectation of the public.

1- Is there a work on the name of the Third Airport, a decision on what a name or name will be?

2- Do you think the name of Atatürk will be given to the new airport?

3- Since Ataturk Airport will be closed, do you have a project to transform this place into an area such as Central Park in New York and Hyde Park in London, where Istanbul, which is one of the biggest metropolises of the world, has a great deficiency?

4- Do you have any thoughts or ideas about transforming Atatürk Airport into a green area where people can breathe? Or will this area be transformed into a new concrete mix given to TOKI or certain contractors?

5- Is the damage to the nature measured during the construction of the Third Airport and the Third Bosphorus Bridge? Is there any work or project work to compensate for this?

6- How do you plan to prevent the damage of the airport and the bridge to the drinking water resources and forests of Istanbul?

7- about all these new structures that Turkey's carefully monitor Do you think the public is adequately informed? Is there a deficiency in this matter and do you plan to start a study to eliminate this?

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