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Registration of Transportation Tradesmen and Disabled Persons
The activities of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems give the results. The vehicles that tried to provide service with EU plate in the city public transportation, and their registration with AN-plate, created a working environment in accordance with the previously issued judicial decisions. On the other hand, the modernization of public transportation provided the transition to modern mass transportation that gives value to the disabled.

With the work of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems, the public transport vehicles trying to serve with the EU plate, which was previously canceled by judicial decision, were transformed to AN plate. With the AN plate, traffic traders continue to produce transportation services. It has been reported that this situation, which adversely affects the working conditions and the psychology of the transportation tradesmen, provides relief to the lawful working conditions by relieving the transportation tradesmen.

In the public transport, the registration of the EU plate to the AN plate was recorded not only by the vehicles, but also by the importance and value of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality given to the disabled individuals. In addition to the old vehicles interior design, as well as hydraulic door systems, disabled citizens have been made suitable for boarding and landing with wheelchairs.

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