2nd Abdulhamide awarded an honorary doctorate

2nd Abdulhamide awarded an honorary doctorate
KARABÜK University gave honorary doctorate to Sultan 2 Abdulhamid for his contributions to the construction of the Hejaz railway. Honorary PhD Harun Osmanoğlu received
Karabük University Faculty of Engineering Department of Rail Systems Engineering has offered the honorary doctorate of Sultan 2 to Abdulhamid Sultan 2 for his contributions to the construction of the Hejaz railway. The university senate agreed to the honorary doctorate of the XNUMX Abdülhamid. Rector of the University of Karabuk. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, members of the dynasty, President of Muş Alparslan University Nihat İnanış, Rector of Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University. Dr. İrfan Aslan, Rector of Bartın University, Ramazan Kaplan, academics and students participated. Following the reading of the National Anthem, the TRT Ankara Choir performed the works of hicaz.
stating that they perform fidelity century Burhanettin Uysal, "Karabük University as a historic event, the first in Turkey, we put the signature. Considering how much importance was given to the railway a century ago in our country and that about half of the existing lines were built, it will be revealed that Sultan Abdulhamid II, who had a great contribution in the construction of these lines, was a statesman with a sense of service. In the Ottoman Empire, the period when the railroad became widespread and the railway investment was made the most was the 2nd Abdulhamid period. During the period of 2-1889, permission was given for the construction of 1898 thousand 5 kilometers of railway. "It becomes clear how big and important this investment was made under the conditions and technological possibilities of that day."
Uysal concluded his speech as follows: “The only thing we can give for what has been done to us is to thank. Today, we are giving the honorary doctorate title to Harun Osmanoğlu, the oldest member of the dynasty living in our country, on behalf of his contributions to the railways, the founder of the Hejaz Railway, the 34th Ottoman Sultan, 113 'Islamic caliph, 2nd Abdulhamid Han. I want to end my speech with a word of Atatürk: As the Turkish child gets to know his ancestors, he will find strength in himself to do greater things. "
Later, the life of 2.Abdulhamid and the hicaz railway documentary were shown in the cinevision. After reading Senota's decision, Uysal gave his honorary PhD degree to Harun Osmanoğlu. Uysal also presented a table as a gift to Osmanoğlu.
His grandson Abdulhamid Kayıhan Osmanoğlu translated Harun Osmanoğlu's speech in Arabic into Turkish. Stating that they are very happy, Harun Osmanoğlu said, “We are very happy to be here. Something new is being done for the first time in 110 years. We are so happy that the words we will say are knotted in our throats. It made us very happy that our rector did such a thing. I hope the same will be done for the other sultans. I hope it will continue ”and asked for applause for the rector. Hicaz railway exhibition was opened in the foyer hall.

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