Burned chemical loaded trains in Belgium (Video)

Burned chemical loaded train in Belgium
1 people were killed and 33 was injured in the explosion of a chemical train in Wetteren, Belgium. Authorities, the incident has not yet found how the research continues, he said.

The event at the local time 02.30 ranks occurred during the transportation of wagons from the Netherlands. Dutch mechanic of the cargo train carrying the material to Germany was rescued after the incident, officials said that those injured in the accident were the ones who intervened to save the mechanic.

The authorities said that during the incident, 1 had lost his life and more than 30 had been poisoned. Belgian Railways Authority Infrabell SözcüThomas Baeken said: r Last night, this freight train, which transported chemicals in the direction of 2 in the Netherlands-Belgium direction, broke out on the rails and caused explosion and fire. All the necessary places intervened immediately and everyone did their best to take control of the situation.

Our current damage assessment report and level measurement of chemical gases that may be spread in the region, if any. It is still too early to say something about the cause of the accident and how it is going on at this stage, and a detailed investigation is underway. So we have to wait for the results of the investigations. We only have one human loss so far, but we do not yet know if it is related to the accident. This is an elderly person who lives very close to the accident that lost his life, but as I said, it has been investigated whether chemical gases have an effect on his death. At this stage, the 500 meter circumference of the event has been taken into safety circle. Pedestrians and vehicles are not allowed. Y

Gillis Hubert, one of the witnesses of the incident, said: uy I was sleeping in my bed at the time of the incident and suddenly I woke up with a big bang sound. When I looked up, I saw that the train was out of the tracks. Minutes after the train rails, the flames began to rise and the fire grew. A few minutes later, two more big booms occurred. I could see the flames and black smoke easily although I could see it from afar. 1 is dead and 33 is wounded, but the cause of death is still under investigation. What we know is that the 33 wounded is the rescue team members who first intervened. I think they're poisoned by chemicals.

As you know, this was not a passenger train, it was a cargo train, and it is said that the train driver was a Dutch mechanic and that he was removed from the train in a timely manner by the rescue teams. He was very lucky and he could have died. We heard here that the train belongs to the Germans. He was carrying the materials of a large German chemical factory. Büyük Another witness, Femke Mertens, said, “I saw the flames and smoke from my window at night. A huge fire occurred. 3 around the night as many ambulances, firefighters and police vehicles have come. We feel safe now. Today, as I always open my head, my clients are talking about this whole day. Everyone's here because of this. The jobs opened, you will understand İşler.

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