44 metrobus stop waiting for the lift

44 metrobus stop waiting for the lift
Metrobuses, which are the solution to the traffic ordeal of Istanbulites to a large extent, cannot provide the same service for the elderly and disabled. From the 44 station, the 28 does not have a disabled lift. In the 16 station where the elevators are located, some of the elevators do not work. Elderly, disabled and children passengers have great difficulty at the stops.

In Istanbul Kadıköy In the metrobus, which greatly eases the public transportation between Söğütlüçeşme and Beylikdüzü, the problems related to passengers with disabilities, elderly and children have not been resolved. The stairs used for the Metrobus turn into a big ordeal for the elderly and the disabled. 44 of 28 stops on the Metrobus route do not have a disabled elevator. Some of the elevators do not work at 16 stops where elevators are located. Older, disabled and children passengers suffer greatly at the stops.

Oruç Araz (74), who has a 70 disability, says: asa No lifts and escalators are built for the disabled and the elderly, but they do not work. It hurts when we get up and down. ”

The transportation of the metrobuses carrying the 700-800 thousand passengers every day in Istanbul is a big problem for the elderly and disabled citizens. People with disabilities who want to reach the Metrobus have to use the stairs because the elevators do not work. One of the most intense stops CevizliAlthough there is a lift in the vineyard metrobus stop has not been serving for a long time. Likewise, Mecidiyeköy is an ordeal for disabled people. There is an escalator at the stop for normal citizens and no elevator for disabled people.

Şerif Gültekin (3) said that he had to use the metrobus from Şirinevler station at least 53 times a week. “We are not paying attention to the elderly when we consider normal citizens.” Gültekin stated that he had great difficulty while using the stairs and said “The lack of elevators in the most crowded part of Istanbul and the ones that are only for show are making us difficult. G 74-year-old Mehmet Türkoğlu (74) said, “I have to use the continuous metrobus. I have rheumatism and a hernia. I try to breathe by pausing at least 3 times while going up. If they can't do the elevator, at least I want the escalator to be built. Konuşuy

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