3. final EIA report of airport construction

  1. final EIA report of airport construction
    SABAH, 3. reached the details of the final EIA report of the airport construction. 4 9 truck will be transported daily for the airport to be built at 498 stage
    It has been learned that half of the 5 billion cubic meters of excavation will be used in the construction of the 3rd airport. According to the final Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report of the construction that SABAH has reached, 9 thousand 498 trucks will travel daily during construction. The material to be transported will be transported within the project area by 75-ton trucks with high carrying capacity. The most unfavorable conditions were taken into account in the calculations. All of the material to be transported is included in the calculation.

A truck will take the 10 mileage every time you round-trip within the boundaries of the project area. In case the whole airport project is implemented, an average of 2 thousand buses per day will be entered into the automobile area as well as the commercial vehicle as well as the 100 bin. 42 is calculated to be completed in the 80 month and 120 will be operated by a thousand persons per day. 150 thousand passengers in the area that will have 411 million passengers per year, this number will be 736 thousand with the working and moving population.

3. in the airport project, the construction site will be able to regulate the level difference, excavation, filling and concrete covering works. For the PAT areas (runway-apron-taxiway), filling construction was planned according to the average sea level 110 meter code. The amount of excavation in the project area is very small, and almost all of the area will be fill.

    It was decided to sign the contract for the third airport at the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications on May 80, the 20th anniversary of the State Airports Authority (DHMİ). DHMİ General Manager Orhan Birdal said, “80. On May 20, when we will celebrate our age, we will sign the contract for the new airport with a ceremony. The contract signing ceremony will be held at 10.00:XNUMX in the conference hall of our Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication ”.

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