3.Havranan tender brought local partnership victory

3.Havranan tender brought local partnership victory
Turkey 'Super 5'li'y speaks. 3 members of the group that will build the 4rd airport are from Ankara. All of them are experts in infrastructure and construction. Limak and MNG are also experienced in aviation. Kalyon, who recently joined the team, is from Istanbul. He has his signature in many projects of the municipality in Istanbul

In a large number of tenders in Turkey in the last period we are accustomed to seeing local companies and consortia. The consortium of 3 domestic companies won the 5rd airport tender, which is among the largest tenders in the world.

In the news of 25 March 2013, AKŞAM wrote that the local partner will solve the lock in the airport tender. In the news titled 'Location is problematic, time is low, cost is high but the tender is cool', the consortiums in the tender wrote that the local partners will determine it. Limak, Cengiz, Kolin and Mapa, who have been cooperating for many years, took Kalyon with them and signed under 26 billion 139 billion euros. Turkey, 3 tender for the airport project and our commitment to invest 90 billion pounds' Super 5'li'y speaks.

TURKEY has memorized the last three years Limak-Kolin-Cengiz partnership case. Nihat Özdemir, Mehmet Cengiz and Naci Koloğlu, who are close friends apart from the tenders, are planning to invest $ 4 billion in these projects while winning a tender of $ 1 billion in the last three years. This corresponds to 9 billion Turkish Liras. With the airport, this figure increased to 99 billion liras.
Turkey's largest electricity distribution company in the field triple BEDAŞ 1.960 billion, $ 546 million for the Mediterranean gave EDAS. The group previously earned Uludağ EDAŞ with $ 940 million and Çamlıbel EDAŞ with $ 258.5 million. The partners faced the rope in Yusufeli, the third highest dam in the world to be built in the Çoruh basin.

Another tender signed by CENGİZ-Kolin-Limak this year was Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station. The consortium, the only company to bid on the tender held on August 28, 2012, received the right to operate the station for 19 years and 7 months. Partners will invest $ 150 million in the space-base building.

We know these three partners closely. Let's take a look at Mapa İnşaat and Kalyon İnşaat, which have just joined the team. Mapa İnşaat is the first company of MNG Holding, whose name is well known by the business world. The owner is Artvin businessman Mehmet Nazif Günal. Established in 1978, the company is an expert in infrastructure. It has signatures in large scale construction projects such as thermal power plant, highway, bridge and tunnel constructions, industrial facility constructions, irrigation system, dam and hydroelectric power plant constructions, sewage and drinking water treatment plants, reinforced concrete silos in many parts of the world. MNG Holding is also an active group in the media and aviation world. Besides TV8 channel, it carries out scheduled and charter cargo transportation with MNG Airlines, which carries cargo transportation. The group recently sold their company MNG Techinc to Turkish Airlines.

CENGİZ, Kolin, Limak and Mapa have signed different projects so far. Limak and Mapa are doing the water transmission line project in Saudi Arabia together. Cengiz and Mapa are together in highway construction in Bulgaria. The four of them undertook part of the Sivas-Ankara railway construction for the first time in 2008, and they added another stage to the project in the first months of 2013.

KOLİN Construction Chairman of the Board Naci Koloğlu gives the following answer to the question "Why do you always act with the same partners?"
The new target of the PARTNERS is to get the gas distribution of Istanbul. The only problem for İGDAŞ will be the decision of the Competition Authority. If the group that receives the electricity distribution of Istanbul receives a approval from the Competition Group, it will participate in the tender, but it is highly likely that the institution will not issue a visa.

Kalyon İnşaat has its signature in every corner of Istanbul
Kalyon Construction, the newest member of the 'SUPER five'. Kalyon Construction, founded by Hasan Kalyoncu, originally from Trabzon, is affiliated with Kalyon Group. Kalyon Group's founder, Hasan Kalyoncu, is a close friend of President Abdullah Gül from the National Turkish Student Union. Hasan Kalyoncu, who is closely interested in politics as well as business life, in 2008 with the then governor of Istanbul Muammer Güler. sohbet while he died of a heart attack. It is known that Kalyoncu played an active role in the establishment of the AK Party. Kalyon, one of the biggest contractors of KİPTAŞ, carries out the Taksim Square project as well as the construction of the Metrobus road. The head of the company is Hasan Kalyoncu's brother Cemal Kalyoncu.

We couldn't make a profit in the 20 billion euro.
It is stated that Atatürk Airport will close after the completion of the first phase of the THIRD airport. Chairman of the Board of Directors of TAV third airport tender Hamdi Akın can not get the Wall Street Journal said that Turkey "Perfectly comfortable, I'm very comfortable. It was very good. ” Akın said, “We have given much more than we can give. 20 billion euro is too much for us. "The amount we would be equal to in profit and loss was 20 billion euros." “3.5 years later AHL may shut down. What about your new game plan? ” Akın said, “I do not have a new game plan. I would have been able to set up a new game if I had already bought it. ” Regarding the future of TAV, whose shares lost 7 percent value, “TAV is not over, will it be TAV? This was just one of our assets. We have a lot of other assets, ”he said.

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