3. Bosphorus Bridge Animated Film

3. Bridge
3. Bridge
  1. Bosphorus Bridge Animation Film: 3 to be held on the Bosphorus in the scope of Northern Marmara Motorway Project to be constructed by IC İçtaş - Astaldi Consortium. The construction of the bridge is seen as the future of transportation and trade.

1973 1988 will be built after the Bosphorus Bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, completed in 3. The bridge is called the bridge of the firsts.

3 will be built by a team of Turkish engineers and will be a product of high engineering and technology. The 8 lane road and the 2 lane will pass through the Bosphorus Bridge at the same level. It will be one of the few bridges in the world with its aesthetic and technical features.

The first will be the bridge 3. The Bosphorus Bridge, with its 59 meter width, will be the world's longest suspension bridge with the world's largest, 1408-meter main span and rail system. Another bridge is the bridge with the highest tower in the world with its height exceeding 320 meters.


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