3.Airport will be the world's most expensive airport

3.Airport will be the world's most expensive airport
We met with SOME contractors, aviators and aircraft yesterday… We got interesting evaluations. We also asked those who know this job. According to the common opinion of everyone, "This will be the most expensive airport in the world".
The construction of this airport will be discussed more, especially the excavation works… We hope there will be no excavation workers (and their supporters) who will benefit from this.
Yes, let's go back to the basics:
London Heathrow Airport is the largest airport in Europe and the third largest in the world, with an annual number of 70 million passengers. The money paid for the 25-year rent is 12 billion pounds, which is approximately 14 billion 246 million Euros. 20 billion 45 million Euros including taxes will be paid for the 3rd airport to be built to replace Atatürk Airport, which is 26th in the world and reaches 139 million passengers annually. So almost twice the rent of London Heathrow ...
In addition to this money, the winning group will build an airport with 9 runway and annual 6 million passenger capacity for 150 billion Euros.
- 1.5 BILLION EURO The consortium will pay the state approximately 1 billion Euros per year with its tax. When 500 million Euros of operating costs are added to this, 1.5 billion Euros should be earned annually. International finance experts point out that this figure can only be gained in periods of non-crisis and stability. Will things always go as expected? Will no airlines shrink because of the crisis?
- HOW DO WE DRINK THE TEA? Such high numbers will come out of us. At the Atatürk Airport tender, 15 dollars of footprint per passenger was received. Limak Sabiha Gökçen and İçtaş IC Group have almost doubled the rent in Antalya. Footprints money turned from dollars to euros. Now the record rent will be paid. What about the footprint money? These will be directly reflected in ticket prices. How much will a cup of tea cost from 7 TL? Will it cost 50 TL to park your car for an hour?
- NON-MEASUREMENT PROJECT The measurements for the 3rd airport are still not exactly made. Planning is lacking for wind, bird migration map, erosion caused by the Black Sea. Will these measurements, which should be done first in such a large project, be carried out during construction?
- WHAT WILL 2.5 MILLION TREES BE? 2 thousand 513 of the 341 million 657 thousand 950 trees in the region will be cut down. 1 million 855 thousand 391 units will also be moved. The tree cannot be dismantled in the morning and planted in its new location at noon. Land is taken one year in advance. Getting used to it. Will trees to be planted elsewhere dry?
- WHAT IS THE COMPETITION BOARD? Limak, one of the partners, stands out. Nihat Özdemir, the boss of Limak, makes the auction and press statements. Limak is also among the partners of Sabiha Gökçen Airport. What will the Competition Board respond to when it controls both airports in Istanbul?
WHEN WILL IT FINISH? Prime Minister Erdogan announced that the new airport will end at the end of 2017. Following the tender, Nihat Özdemir said that they would hit the digging at the earliest in a year and that they aimed to open the airport at the end of 2018.
Why did the project record a year?
Foreign partner companies did not take risks in the tender
When opening TENDER envelopes, the lowest bid was 4 billion Euros. TAV 9 offered Limak and its partners 12 billion Euros. But the partnership of IC İçtaş and Fraport, namely Frankfurt Airport, opened the tender with 20 billion Euros. Without the auction, Fraport and İbrahim Çeçen, who paid 8 billion euros more and run Antalya at the same time, would have won the tender. They showed that they were more assertive than TAV by throwing a high opening price. In the airport tender, it is seen that there is a 'land movement' (such as road, bridge, excavation work…) that has priority over the 'commercial' situation. The French, the dominant shareholder of TAV, did not ask for further price increases from CEO Sadi Şener, as they were not experts in this field. The offer calculated by IC İçtaş was 22 billion Euros + VAT; drew attention that they saw the price on this as risky. It is also necessary to look at what kind of privileges the state will provide to the Limak / Cengiz / Kolin / MaPA (MNG) / Kalyon consortium in the specification.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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