Where will the 3 third airport tender be held

Where will the 3 third airport tender be held
We stayed for few days, Turkey's largest auctions. The tender for the third airport to be held in Istanbul 3 will be held on May Friday at 10.00. The demand for the tender is great. This situation also caused a principle. 17 will be held at Esenboğa Airport Social Facilities.

The General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI), the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, who took into account the intense interest, decided to make the tender at Esenboga Airport. Accordingly, the tender for the third airport in Istanbul, 3 May will be held on Friday at 10.00 at Esenboğa Airport Social Facilities.

The tender, which has been purchased by 17 company for two of them to date, will be realized by Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model. In this context, it is foreseen that passengers and tariff guarantees will be given for a certain period in order to finance the new Istanbul Airport project.
25 annual operating period will start with completion of construction works and commissioning of the airport.

The tenderers will compete in the total rent they will pay to the General Directorate of DHMİ for the period of 25 annual operation taking into consideration the investment cost, construction and operation period while giving the bids. The proposals will be evaluated in the technical sense, and the proposals with financial and technical qualifications will be considered valid. In the second phase, the price envelope will be opened. The tenderer who has committed to pay the most rents during the operation period will have won the tender.

4 will be completed in the stage

It is estimated that the amount of iron and steel to be used in airport construction is about 350 thousand tons and aluminum material will approach 10 thousand tons. 415 thousand square meters of glass is expected to be used in the project, the 4 stage will be completed.
In the first stage, 90, which has all equipment for passenger use at the airport with a total passenger capacity of 680 million, has a terminal size of one thousand square meters, two terminal buildings, 170 one thousand square meter second terminal or satellite terminal, total 88 passenger terminal at terminals, 12 runway, 3 parallel taxiway, about 8 million square meter apron, 4 technical block, a tower, hall of honor, cargo and general aviation terminals, in which hospitals, places of worship, convention centers other social reinforcement areas will be built.

In the second stage, one runway, 3 parallel taxiway, and the third stage will be the 500 one thousand square meter terminal building with annual 30 million passenger capacity, parallel taxiways and an additional runway with additional apron. In the fourth stage, the terminal area 340 million 30 will reach a thousand square meters with the construction of a new terminal with a capacity of one thousand square meters of 1 million passengers. In the last stage, parallel taxiways, an additional runway with additional apron will be commissioned.

When all stages are finished, Istanbul's third airport will be an airport with annual 1,5 million passenger capacity, with an indoor area of ​​approximately 150 million square meters. When the new airport is completed, 165 passenger bridge, 4 separate terminal building where the transportation between the terminals is made by rail system, 3 technical block and air traffic control tower, 8 control tower, detached 6 track, 16 taxiway, 500 taxiway, 6,5 million square meter sized apron, hall of honor, cargo and general aviation terminal, state guest house, open and closed parking lot with capacity of about 70 thousand vehicles, aviation medical center, hotels, fire department and garage center, places of worship, congress center, power plants, refinement and garbage disposal facilities.
Once completed, the facility will be the world's largest airport in terms of passenger capacity.
Specification changed -

Some changes were made to the specification in order to increase the participation and competition in the third airport tender. Accordingly, as a joint venture group (OGG), the condition that the OGG should be the most common 3 partner was changed and this limit was eliminated.

On the other hand, ortak OGG will have a partner with a work experience certificate; the share of this partner (pilot partner) will be at least 51 ”.

Officials have stated that their requests for "a Treasury guarantee and postponement of the tender date" were not accepted.
Authorities stating that two of the companies that purchase foreigners, officials, personally taking the 15 domestic company, the tender to join the tender alone, with a foreign / domestic partner said that the unknown.


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