State Last 10 Spent Approximately 2.5 Billion TL for Bursa Transportation Projects in Year (Photo Gallery)

State Last 10 Spent Approximately 2.5 Billion TL for Bursa Transportation Projects per Year
Governor Sahabettin Harput, except for the high-speed train in the last 10 year in the state of Bursa, 2.5 spent £ 1 billion for transportation projects announced.

Bursa Governor Sahabettin Harput, the city's most important and largest transportation investments in the history of the republic said that this period. General Directorate of Highways 14. Harput stated that the project amount of 21 investment which is under the responsibility of the Regional Directorate has reached 3 billion TL. N For these projects, our state spent 10 billion TL in the last 2.2 years. 6.3 billion dollars investment size of this figure is more than the budget of the 50 country in the world-Istanbul-Gebze-Bursa-Izmir Highway Project 137. If we add the expenditure made for the 6 kilometer Bursa stage, the expenditure on our transportation investments exceeds 2.5 billion TL. Only 5 million TL was used for our projects, together with the expropriations of the highway project in the first 164.3 month of this year. Sadece

Bursa's road network has reached today as 4 952 thousand kilometers reminding Governor Harput, "first high-speed trains and highways projects with our government Bursa, Turkey's road to many destinations and will become the new center of the world. Our Republic 100. Bursa, will be the most important actor in the global brand cities league lig.

To date, the 1.4 billion TL spent on the Bursa Environment Highway's 6.5 kilometer Samanlı Connection Road, will be completed next year. The Samanlı Connection Road 70 will be open to traffic in July this year, with an allowance of 2014 million for this year.

Bursa-Ankara Highway Mezitler Valley works will be done in the landslide area in July this year and 3 a bitumen hot mix (BSK) will be done in the area asphalting.

The split road between Bursa-İnegöl Distinction-Yenişehir-Bilecik will be completed this year. The construction of the 3.2 kilometer road, which also includes the Yenişehir South Ring Road, will be held this year. Balıkesir-Dursunbey-Harmancık-Tavşanlı Highway will be completed this year. Harmancık-Tavsanli split road tender will be held this year. The project that connects Bursa to the mountain districts is the 15.4 kilometer road project until the Doğancı Dam.

Construction of the Bursa-Keles Highway expropriation works will be completed this year in the only road construction section of the 1.6 kilometer section in Çaybaşı Village. The 6.6 kilometer section of the Yenişehir-İznik Highway, planned as a divided road, will be tendered this year along with the İznik Ring Road. The remaining 7.4 kilometer section of the 20.9 road, which has been completed so far, continues the tender process. In the 3 kilometer section of Mudanya-Gemlik Highway between Kurşunlu and Engürücük, the BSK paving study will be completed by the end of the year. Works on Inegöl-Yenişehir Highway, which is a mile long, will start this year. In the same year, the remaining 24.5 kilometer part of the Oylat Road, which has been paved for the same year, was awarded. Work on the road will begin in the coming days.

The road intersections planned to increase the crossing of highways on the Bursa-Mudanya Road Bademli and Tepedervent, Bursa-Bozüyük Road and Kurkunlu and Domanic Bridge Interchanges will be completed this year. Bursa-Karacabey Highway Irfaniye and Başköy Bridge interchanges will be hit this year.

In the meantime, İstanbul, which was built with build-operate-transfer model, has been built on the 137. At the Bursa stage of the 6 kilometer, the work continues. Various art structures, tunnels, intersections, viaducts and earthworks works are underway and the Gebze-Bursa line of the project will be opened in 2015.




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