1 May due to recent situation in transportation

1 May due to recent situation in transportation
Within the scope of the measures taken by the Governorship of Istanbul due to May 1, metro and Taksim-Hacıosaman metro services stopped. Citizens who want to use metrobus and metro in Mecideyeköy are back.

Kabataş- Taksim Funicular, Şişhane- Taksim and Levent-Taksim metro lines will also not work. Passengers from the Anatolian side of the IDO to the European side were canceled.

Expeditions from the European side to the Anatolian side will continue. A lot of streets and roads are closed to traffic. Meanwhile, members of the '1Mauguating Committee' made a press release in Taksim.

DİSK President Kani Beko, Taksim, 1Musa celebration when asked to be allowed "If the police do not interfere with anyone's nose," he said in a nose. KESK Secretary-General Ismail Hakki Tombul argued that it was a political decision, not legal, not to allow Taksim.


Istanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu said that they will never allow May 1 celebrations in Taksim. “We will stop all arrivals at the rally area by taking very intensive security measures around Beşiktaş, Mecidiyeköy and Taksim,” Mutlu said.

Stating that they have taken all precautions against marginalized groups, Mutlu used the statement “When it is needed, it will fulfill its use of power resolutely”.

Meanwhile, during his college years, during the summer months, he stated that he was a manager who had provided the straw and bale by pressing straw in the threshing places, he knew very well what labor means, and that his father was a valuable worker who spent his years in the factory.


Following the announcement that some trade unions and parties will celebrate the May 1 Workers 'and Laborers' Day in Taksim Square, the Governorship of Istanbul banned the celebration of May 1 in Taksim due to the renovation works. As per the governor's decision, metrobus services from 05.00:06.00 onwards, from XNUMX:XNUMX on the Anatolian side to the European Side, Kabataş-Taksim finucular system, flights between Taksim and Şişhane, Hacıosman and Levent metro stations were stopped.


1 May Labor and Solidarity Day for the purpose of reinforce Istanbul police from various provinces sent to the police in several cities, landed early in the morning to Ataturk Airport. Police officers from Gaziantep, Erzurum and Adana took their preparations to the airport.


Taksim Square at the clock 03.00'da around the barrier was laid to the vehicle traffic. Police officers were stationed early in the morning and workers gathered in front of DISK.

1 May crisis is growing

Stating that 1 May will not be able to celebrate the desired qualities in Istanbul, Mutlu said, a Taksim Square, where we are now, is one of the most valuable squares of Istanbul and is under the scope of a busy pedestrianization project. Unfortunately, we continue the construction of the 24 thousand square meter area of ​​12 thousand square meters in Taksim Square within the scope of the pedestrianization project.

At the same time, Halaskargazi and Tarlabaşı boulevard are continuing in these ways. These two streets are the roads where 1 of the laborers arrives to the square at the previous 70 May meetings. And half of the square is the construction site. Under these circumstances, it is not possible to make this rally peaceful, safe and risk-free. It has therefore been repeatedly stated that they will not be allowed to do so Bu.

'Power available'

Last year, the 1 May in Şişli reminded the events occurring in the Happy, some of the marginalized groups in this year to take part in the different measures of the police force, taking into account all kinds of measures related to the use of force related to the determination of a decisive way, he said.

Mutlu, who called on the unionists to give up, said: lu Those who have caused any kind of negativity to be made to the public in the direction of going to an unauthorized area also have to give a very clear account before the law.
I ask everyone to act within the law, to respect the law, and to continue their calls at the legal level. Other than that, the issue is a forensic issue, and if they do, they will do what they need Bun.

4 aircraft full of police

1 May comes with reinforcements to Istanbul police for Labor and Solidarity Day. 4 aircraft full of police from various provinces will land in Istanbul early in the morning. In addition to the reinforcement of the air from the surrounding cities, the police will be brought to Istanbul. 03: After 30, the police will be transported to Atatürk Airport. Police from Gaziantep, Erzurum and Adana will take part in 1 May celebrations.

Campaigns canceled

The places to be closed to traffic in the statement of Istanbul Police Department were listed as follows: Mecidiyeköy From the partners Halaskargazi Street, Cumhuriyet Street, Yedikuyular Street, Tarlabaşı Boulevard, Sıraselviler Street, Gümüşsuyu Street, Taşkışla Street, Taşkışla Tünel, Rumeli Street, Abdulhak Hamit Street. In the statement, all metrobus services starting from 05.00 am and after 06.00 am Kabataş-Taksim Finucular System, Şişhane-Taksim and Taksim Hacıosman, the metro between Şişhane-Taksim and Levent-Taksim stations were canceled. Passenger services from Anatolia to the European side of IDO were also canceled with City Lines. It was noted that passenger flights from the European side to the Anatolian side will be made.

May Day celebrations turned into a complete pain in Istanbul. The police are taking extravagant measures. 1 bridges and new roads were closed.

Wanting to prevent the May Day celebrations in Istanbul, the police began to block new roads with surprise decisions.

One of the closed roads is Beşiktaş return at the exit of the first bridge. Another closed road is Barbaros boulevard. The road was closed both from going from Zincirlikuyu to Beşiktaş and from Beşiktaş to Zincirlikuyu.


Safety stopped the main artery of transport. All transportation, including the Metrobus, was canceled. IETT only works. Cancellations;

* City lines steamers

* İDO's Anatolian-European side flights are canceled
* Şişhane-Levent line subway canceled as of 06.00


Istanbul police received reinforcements. 4 aircraft full of police from various provinces of the early morning hours to Istanbul.





Metrobüs, mainly the cancellation of the main transportation lines in the social media, a record response came.

The number of twit thrown in 5 minutes was incredible.


The 'exaggerated' measures of Interior Minister Muammer Güler are not the first. Look what he did before


When all bans were directed to preventing the exit to Taksim on May 1, the citizen found alternative road options.
Many people using this route are looking for alternative routes by turning their route.

It was not announced before that the road from the bridge to Beşiktaş will be closed. Naturally, the drivers came to the point of rebellion.


Golden Horn and Galata Bridges were also closed. The road closure made to prevent the visit to Taksim made the citizen miserable. It was not announced that this route will be closed in advance.


The management, which canceled the ferry services last minute last night, took a new decision in the morning today. Eminönü-Kabataş tram services were canceled as of 08.00:XNUMX.


In the statement made yesterday, the streets closed to traffic as follows. Mecidiyeköy Headquarters, Halaskargazi Street, Cumhuriyet Street, Yedikuyular Street, Tarlabaşı Boulevard, Sıraselviler Street, Gümüşsuyu Street, Taşkışla Street, Taşkışla Tunel, Rumeli Street, Abdulhak Hamit Street


The closure of the main transport channels in Istanbul drew the reaction of the citizen. Instead of providing security, reaction to exaggerated cancellation decisions is falling.


The current coming from Yolcuzade İskender Street will be directed from Şişhane Meydanı to Okçumusa Street / Bankalar Caddesi,

Abide-i Hürriyet Street will not be given any current, the current direction will be directed from Hürriyettepe Işıklardan Cevahir Hotel.

The current coming from Darülacizeden to Hürriyettepe Işıklar and the stream coming from Bomonti Creek will be directed to Darülacize Street or Bomonti direction in front of Cevahir Hotel,

Mecidiyeköy Halaskargazi Street will not be the current, this direction will be directed towards the direction of Esentepe,

The flow to Şişli direction will be directed to Ergenekon Street, Kurtuluş Avenue and Dolapderaya,

Dolmabahçe will not be given to Gümüşsuyu and Küçük Çiftlik;

The current coming from Adilbaba (Maçka taxi) will be directed to Teşvikiye Street, the tunnel going from Tesvikiye Street to Mete Avenue will be closed,

From Thursday Sunday and from Unkapanı, the current will be cut from Şişhane and directed to Kasımpaşa.

The current coming from Kasımpaşa will be directed to Unkapanı and the Thursday market,

Dolapdere'den Yedikuyular-Divan direction will not be given, Dolapdere junction (U) return to be made,

No current will be given to Ömer Hayyam Street from Dolapdere Street, the current coming from Teşvikiye Street will not be given to Rumeli Street from Nişantaşı Junction and will be directed to the bottom of Valikonağı,

The current coming from Süleyman Seba Street will not be given to Bayıldım Street and will be directed to Teşvikiye Street to the right,

Boğazkesen Caddesi will be closed to traffic, the incoming direction will be forced to Karaköy direction,

Mebusan Yokuşu will be closed to traffic, towards the direction of Karaköy direction will be made.


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