Passengers complain but IETT says metrobus air conditioners are enough

Passengers complain but IETT says metrobus air conditioners are enough
Every day, hundreds of thousands of people use the Metrobus line provides a great service.
However, due to excessive density, the 'odor' which is formed in the car causes the complaints of the passengers. IETT officials lim Our air conditioners are working. The odor is caused by excessive intensity. Yol The passengers are waiting for the problem to be resolved in a short time.

In metrobuses, which are the most preferred public transportation vehicles in Istanbul, it is almost impossible to breathe during working hours due to excessive intensity. The fact that air conditioners do not work in some vehicles combined with the smell coming from the bellows part of the large bellows vehicles can turn into a torture for those traveling with metrobus. When the weather started to warm up, passengers who preferred constant BRTs were in a bad smell and shortness of breath. The heavy odor in the metrobuses is said to be caused by the odor emitted from the bellows part of the deodorant, sweat and tools.

Complaints about the BRT are so many that there are websites where these complaints are made. One of them is biri ”site which is founded with the slogan biri We need to breathe i. There are also dozens of complaints in interactive dictionaries. The lady, who uses BRT to go to work, complains that she can't breathe when she gets on the metrobus. Onur said, “It is so dense and stuffy that it is impossible to breathe. Combined with the smell of sweat from the bellows part of the fragrance, I pray that the journey will end soon. Kör

'We need to breathe'

Hasan Çiftçi, who complained that the BRT ventures were insufficient, said, alar Nobody deserves this stuffy atmosphere. Either the number of voyages is increased, the density decreases, or the ventilation systems run regularly or there is a way to remove the odors in the BRT. Ya Many passengers complain about the 'odd' odor of the bellows part of the vehicles. Mithat K. citizen also said that the people had to crush each other to ride the metrobus said: ı Metrobuses are overly busy, the problem is already riding in itself, let's say you can not breathe inside. Air conditioners do not work, no ventilation. Inside, breathless, motionless, non-sticky and sweat smell in the smell of each other we have to travel with each other.

IETT: Odor with excessive density

Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunneling Enterprises (IETT) evaluated the complaints about the subject and stated that the ventilation systems in the metrobuses were sufficient and the vehicle drivers were instructed to keep the air conditioners open at the determined levels. The statement made by IETT stated that: lim Air conditioners and heaters are regularly maintained and metrobuses are set off. At the moment, preparatory work is being done. The maintenance of the vehicles, the controls of the air conditioners and the odor eliminators that make the vehicles smell good, are carried out.

IETT officials stated that the air conditioners in all metrobuses were renewed in the last year and said that due to the cold weather in winter, the odors have been created due to the hot blowing of the radiators and the excessive number of passengers. IETT said in a statement, “Metrobus does not smell. When the smell of perspiration is combined with the odors of deodorants, an odor occurs and people think this is due to the metrobus. However, in our metrobuses, air conditioning systems and deodorizing systems are also regularly monitored and operated. O

The air conditioner malfunctioned vehicles were withdrawn from the expedition, "the air conditioner that is defective immediately by our technical personnel required intervention, the general control and repair of the air conditioner is done." Said. The statement emphasized that the air conditioners were working in full efficiency and no smell was felt when the number of passengers was low.

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