YHT will stop in Gebze

YHT will stop in Gebze
AK Party Kocaeli deputy Fikri Işık, High Speed ​​Train (YHT) will stop in Gebze where a station will be absolutely, he said.

AK Party Presidency initiated by the 'Deputy Sentenceuygulaması kapsamında TBMM Milli Eğitim, Gençlik ve Spor Komisyonu Başkanı AK Parti Kocaeli Milletvekili Fikri Işık, nöbet tuttu. AK Parti İl Başkanlığı binasında vatandaşların dertlerini ve sıkıntılarını dinleyen Işık, basın mensuplarına gündeme dair açıklamalarda bulundu. Yüksek Hızlı Tren ProjesiWhat the light touched, answered the question mark in mind. Light, Adapazarindan Haydarpaşaor the good news that the suburban line will definitely be done, 29 added that they are trying to raise the date of October.

Clarifying the confusion in the minds of the High Speed ​​Train Project, Light gave good news. Light, devam YHT 3 line was made as tender, 3 continues as line. One of the lines for freight trains is the other two for the high-speed train and the suburban line. Adapazarindan Haydarpaşaor until our suburban trains run again. Even as much as possible to increase the frequency of the work to be done well. At the end of May, the governor Ercan Topaca, Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu and the deputies will talk about him at the point Er.

Indicating that there is nothing different from what was said at the beginning and where the stops are not done, the light of day, çalış It is the most important thing that companies take the service to the customer. We now get up and get the fast train?diyeceğiz. Böyle bir şey yok. 29 EkimI hope to open YHT, also at Izmit and Gebzede istasyon olacak. Banliyö trenin yetişme durumuna göre o da 29 Ekimcan also be opened. All the work goes in this direction. There should be important reasons for these projects to be recycled ası and ended the suburban chaos.

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