Local Tramway Silkworm Counts the Day to Go to Bursa (Video)

Local Tramway Silkworm Goes to Bursa
Under the leadership of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the purchase contract of “İpekböceği“, a local tram manufactured by Durmazlar Holding, was signed.

After a short excursion with the tram in the Burmish plant in Acemler, Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe told reporters that the prototype of the tram was removed in the 2 year.

Altepe, the tram line will use the T1 line in the east, west and north of the city will expand by specifying, said:

Di Durmazlar Company has obtained the quality certificate of the vehicle according to the modern, world standards until about 2 months ago and Durmazlar has again offered the most suitable tender. Thus, it was determined that these modern vehicles would be used in the tram networks in Bursa. Hopefully this summer we will be walking these modern trams on the T1 line of our streets. We are contracting the 6 tram and our vehicles will be delivered from the end of June. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this. series 6 kilometers from the city center T1 line encircling a way to pass the vehicle in 2-3 minutes. In the future we will connect this to the main city, the east of the city, the west of the locust area and the north. In this sense, the first extension of the line will be at the terminal.

Durmazlar Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors Hüseyin Durmaz, on the other hand, stated that they were sometimes excited about this difficult journey and that they were worried about it.

Uk We were thrilled to produce, we were worried, but we did it. now dawning a new sector in Turkey. I believe that this sector will develop with us in this geography. I hope that it will serve the world beyond Bursa. 50 million euros should be invested in such a project, but our 60 annual resources in the machinery sector helped us to solve this with 20 million euros. Today, we have brought this tram to such a beautiful place that Alstom decided to build the trunks of the high-speed trains they made to Italy and started to export to Alstom from the 7 of April. The foreigners came to us with such trusts that even their main bodies are now being made to us. Yab

The cost of a vehicle 1 million 599 thousand euros that transfer Durmaz, Dur These vehicles were taken to 2 million 200 thousand euros. We did the first 100 speeding train in Europe in 1803, although we have surpassed the 210 year after year. We need to get the subway vehicles. I wish other cities to come and have more confidence indices in domestic vehicles, de he said.

Later in a hotel, a contract was signed between the company and the municipality to purchase 6 tram.


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