Puppy Rabbit Bindi Ticket With High Speed ​​Train

Puppy Rabbit Bindi Ticket With High Speed ​​Train
Uğur Kılınç 10, who travels with rabbit in high speed train, paid 12,5 lira ticket for the rabbit he bought in liraya. The ticket cut into the rabbit was surprised to see a ticket for the name of the passenger in the passenger name section.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) attracts you the reactions of citizens due to tariff applied to small pets. Passengers brought with animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits and birds 'pets' tariffs at the toll booth ticket cuts, not aware of the situation is a surprise for citizens. Companies that travel with their pets in the air and land transportation is not very hot-looking companies, small pets are charged according to the distance traveled from pets. Passengers who are unaware of the practice cannot stop themselves from laughing at the surprise tariffs in the terminals and train stations.

TCDD 0-6 age group of children in their journey with the families not paid a fee, 600 grams of rabbits paid to the puppies of 12,5 liras was charged by the passengers to collect money.

Kılınç stated that he had come to the head for such an incident for the first time. I was surprised when I first heard that I had no idea of ​​such a practice. The fee varies according to the train and distance to be transported. Ücret

Kılınç stated that he opened a business to the rabbit he received to be a surprise to his nephews: anlat In order to spend the weekend with my brother in Eskişehir, I bought tickets to the train from Ankara railway station. I also bought a small rabbit cub for Xnumx-year-old Afsin and my XVII-year-old Bengisu nephews. But the attendant at the counter told me I had to buy a ticket for the rabbit. 3 pounds for the rabbit I bought 10 pounded ticket. 10-year-old children are not charged, a tiny rabbit 12,5 pounds to get the ticket money obviously frankly went. "He said.

Authorities, many citizens do not know of this application, stating that the citizens were surprised when first heard.

Source: www.pirsushaber.com

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