UTİKAD met with its members

UTİKAD International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association met with members at Taksim Elite World Istanbul Hotel during 29 March 2013 Member Day Event.

The event, where information about UTİKAD's activities and activities were presented and the proposals were shared, started with the opening speech of UTİKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin.

In his speech, Turgut Erkeskin gave information about the issues that are on the agenda of UTIKAD, the transport and logistics sector is among the star sectors of the future and the country's contribution to the economy is increasing every day, he added.

Erkeskin continued his speech as follows: İK At this point, UTIKAD is growing and growing day by day. The industry needs to be prepared for the rapidly changing and updated dynamics. We need to create an environment of effective and efficient communication and cooperation among our members, to produce solutions for developments and problems, to lead new markets with new and alternative projects and to lead new markets. We have to create a common power for our sector to reach a world-class quality, to specialize, to increase the chance of competition in the global market and to increase its share of the cake. As each member of UTIKAD, there are different responsibilities. UT


Turgut Erkeskin also gave the good news that UTIKAD will undertake many projects on behalf of the sector in the new working period. 2014 will be hosted by 2.Kez UTİKAD in 52. FIATA World Congress on said: "We say it proudly that the FIATA World Congress UTIKAD second time in Turkey as we move to Istanbul. We have taken the congress out of many strong candidate countries from the 'Kurtlar Sofrası'. FIATA's 40. UIKAD hosted the world logistics sector in Istanbul and took an important step in the recognition of the Turkish transportation and logistics sector. 2002 the intervening years, much has changed in our sector and Turkey. Turkey is the world's largest xnumx.ekonomi today. It is one of the most attractive investment centers in the world with its development potential. Since then, a lot has changed in the sector, it has grown rapidly and its weight in the global market has increased.

In this congress, we will have the opportunity to share the developments in our country and the Turkish transportation and logistics sector with the world and to reveal our true potential. The Turkish transport and logistics sector will shine in the world arena. With the congress, we aim to explain the logistics capabilities, opportunities and advantages of our 1250 participants. Kongre

Turgut Erkeskin shared the developments about Transport and Logistics Fair to be held by CNR on 12-15 September with UTİKAD members and gave information about the fair.

UTIKAD Member of the Board of Directors In the second part of the meeting, moderated by Hakan Çınar, a SWOT analysis study was carried out to reveal the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and threats of the sector and UTIKAD in line with the opinions and suggestions of UTIKAD members. The results of the analysis will be included in the agenda of XIXF XVIX 2013 and the topics to be studied on were determined.
Following the 3 hour-long meeting, the members of UTİKAD joined the dinner together.


International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association (UTİKAD), founded in 1986; As one of the most important non-governmental organizations of logistics sector in Turkey and internationally by land, air, sea, rail, combined transport and logistics services company which are gathered under the same roof. UTİKAD, as well as its services to its members, is the largest non-governmental organization of the logistics sector.

Federation (FIATA) Turkey has undertaken the representation and represent our country in the FIAT Board. She is also an observer member of the European Association of Transport Affairs, the Association for Transport, Logistics and Customs Services (CLECAT) and founding member of the Federation of Logistics Providers Associations of the Organization of Economic Cooperation (ECOLPAF).

International Transport and
Association of Logistics Service Producers


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