Ring Road to Relieve Traffic in Urfa

It is reported that Şanlıurfa Municipality will go to Lunapark in the direction of the Regional Directorate of GAP Administration and plant the right and left to the right of the Ring Road linking Şanlıurfa to Karaköprüy.
Sanliurfa Mayor Dr.Ahmet Esref Fakibaba 500 Sanliurfa Karaköprü public hospital in the lower part of the public bus from the lower side of the public bus to the highway to make the traffic very comforting, he said. Fakıbaba stated that this ring road is very important ye I check the work of the road that connects the junction here with Karaköprü. It was really important. And the traffic of a large part of the ring road took this road. It's a shortcut. Citizens use this path in this context too. If you pay attention to the Sanliurfa Municipality is doing serious work on this issue. I hope they'll see in a couple of months will be a very nice avenue. We will be surrounded by flowers, roses and trees. Our work isn't just here. Hopefully by the end of October Turkey's greenest, most comfortable, most beautiful, they continue the work of all my friends around Sanliurfa to reveal the most livable city. I hope that we will have the end of this at the end of October. Al

Source: sanliurfa.com

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