Two metrobuses collided in Umraniye: 5 injured

Two metrobuses collided in Umraniye: 5 injured
07.00 people were injured in an accident that occurred as a result of collision of metrobuses at 5 ranks in Ümraniye in the morning. While the wounded were hospitalized and hospitalized, there was a time in the metrobus traffic from the Anatolian side to the European side.

Umraniye, Uzunçayır-Acıbadem stop in the direction of the European side of a metrobus, another metrobus behind the back hit. 4 passengers were injured in the accident with the driver of one of the metrobus was hospitalized. After the accident, the ambulances were taken to various hospitals. Metrobus traffic due to the accident for a while there was an interruption. After the damaged metrobuses were removed with the tractor, the traffic returned to the normal course.


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