After Uludağ Economy Summit

Bursa Governor Şahabettin Harput said about the "Uludağ Economic Summit", "It is a very important and historical event that such important and famous names come together in Uludağ for two days."

Harput, in a written statement, Anatolia news agency that the media sponsor, which is of historical importance for the peak of Bursa held on 29-30 March that go down in history as a serious organization and that he opened an important door for Turkey's future.

Harput, everyone appreciated by a ceremony that marked the passing of Bursa for 2 days on the agenda of Turkey, said:

"114 national and international press, 6 live broadcasts and many newspapers and magazines followed personally, and important CEO of Turkey's patrons, institutions, organization given great power by participating, particularly Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent and Roubini, who is known as an American prophet economist, almost left his mark on the summit. It is a very important and historical event that such important and famous names come together in Uludağ for two days. Especially the topics covered in the program were very important. Because our country had big goals for Turkey in 2023. On the way to those goals, the economy, business, industry, finance world and investors had very important duties. In this sense, issues such as innovation, innovation, sustainability, competition, brand, health tourism have come to the fore by very important people. Around 60 speakers attended. There was an audience of 500 people, who were also very high-level people. "

Emphasizing that the issues brought up by the participants and the messages they gave were pleasing, Harput said, “In particular, our Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, our Minister of Finance, Mehmet Şimşek and other participants adopted this organization and suggested that other important names be brought to the summit in the coming years and they expressed their support in these matters. ”Used expressions.

Now, not only in Uludag Bursa, Turkey Harput stating that all is pride, he continued:

“In that respect, the participants became a reference for the future of Uludağ. Of course, it is our wish that the summit is held in larger venues and more people can participate. But we brought it up in our speeches there. Our Minister of Finance and our Deputy Prime Minister also stated that they will protect the issue. In other words, the fact that Uludağ needs to quickly build a congress and sports center as soon as possible will come to the agenda once again, perhaps this will be instrumental in speeding up this work with this organization.

Harput thanked everyone who attended the summit and said, “If you try to realize such an organization in monetary terms, you have to afford a cost of 500 thousand TL. As the governorship, a very serious organization was realized very easily with the allocation of some small facilities without paying any price but with the support of a large sponsor. I wish it to be beneficial for our scholarship and for our country ”.

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