Turkey's first cable car to public transport is made Şentepe

Turkey's first cable car to public transport is made Şentepe
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's first cable car to public transport purposes began in Şentepe with the Yenimahalle district.

4 800 passenger carriage line at the time of departure and 4 will be equipped with 10 stops, 106 passenger will carry XNUMX passengers. Metropolitan Mayor Melih, saying that they would take a new ground in Turkey, "cable car system which will work in sync with the Metro, which will help relieve the traffic and overhead to overlay the road." He said. Turkey's first cable car system in public transport General Directorate of EGO, pressed the button for the line to be laid between the subway station and Şentepe Yenimahalle. Gokcek information about the ropeway system, the Metropolitan Municipality Council decision on the decision taken in the ropeway, technical interviews immediately after the route and the system was clarified.
Gokcek, face-to-face interviews with the people of the region in the stage of the stops and the determination of the route was made.


Mr. Gokcek said that the plans for the transportation of the 4 passenger 800 passengers were made in the ropeway system. There will be an 4 stop along the route. 10 personality 106 cabin will move at the same time, the 200 meter of the ropeway system aware of the jeans, the 3 bin will be 257 meters long. The 24 meter will be a stroke-riding area, and passengers will be able to ride from one place to another. Each cabin 15 will move from one station per second and the 13,5 will be able to arrive from start to finish in minutes. The system won't stop, it won't slow down. Only the disabled and the elderly during the ride can be slowed. The cable car system, which will connect the Yenimahalle metro station and Şentepe center, will ensure that those coming out of the metro will reach Şentepe in a short time. Dan


The cable car system is a disabled, elderly, child; recording that it can be used easily by every cut President Gökçek, "Ankara will work in synchronized with the metro system will help to relax the traffic and will not overburden the roads." He said.

Gokcek also emphasized that the ropeway is more advantageous than the benzeri passenger tramway, light rail and subway systems with high potential yapım. For many reasons, the construction of ropeways will be more advantageous, as the roads remain closed for a long time and the costs of operating and personnel are high. It is also the safest public transportation vehicle when it comes to traffic accidents and airplane accidents in the world. Ayrıca
President Gökçek, the major cities that use public transport for cable cars include Hong Kong, Singapore, Koblenz (Germany), Bolzano (Italy), New York (USA), Portland, Oregon (USA), Caracas (Venezuela) and Rio de Janerio ( Brazil.

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