wrong about the rail system in Turkey

wrong about the rail system in Turkey

Transportation planners Erhan Leading, about the rail system in Turkey generally is planning done wrong and these businesses indicate that great damage ...
In the meeting organized by the Antalya City Council Reconstruction and Planning Working Group, transportation planner Erhan Öncü, who made a presentation about the plan he was working on, made an interesting statement about the rail system. Pioneers, "All of the rail system can actually ride in Turkey are transported by bus," he says ...

State Planning Organization 15 thousand passengers per hour does not allow the construction of rail systems to remind Remembrance Öncü, "Our work hour in Antalya, 18 thousand people need to carry the system is carrying 2.500 people," he said Devlet

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about the rail system in Turkey generally is wrong planning done and Pioneer argue that these businesses had major damage, "in Istanbul hours- te, 80 thousand people carrying the subway even 10 thousand people need to move," says ...

Source: www.kenticitoplutasima.com.tr


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