Turkey About Liberalization of Railway Transport in the Post-Adoption Act 2023-2050 Transportation Vision-New Methods and New Opportunities Seminar

Turkey About Liberalization of Railway Transport in the Post-Adoption Act 2023-2050 Transportation Vision-New Methods and New Opportunities Seminar
2050 Vision Europe-Turkey Transportation and Communication Strategy Target 2023

Transportation is the foundation of every economy. Without good transport networks, it is not possible for the internal market to operate properly. Transport infrastructure investments increase economic growth, create prosperity, improve trade, geographical accessibility, and mobility of people.

While other regions of the world have put forward their enormous, ambitious transportation infrastructure investment programs,
It is important for our transportation companies to maintain their competitive position.

In this context, strategies and policies are determined and implemented in our country for comprehensive, integrated and functional transportation investments covering all modes of transportation. While these studies are carried out, our geography and thus the EU
In other parts of the world, transportation practices are taken into consideration.

On the other hand; the developments in the transportation sector, future challenges related to these developments and taking into account
globally revises the required policy initiatives.

The EU encourages the abandonment of petroleum from the consideration of the fundamental change of the transport system,
it takes into consideration as much as the challenges of creating modern infrastructure and multimodal mobility supported by intelligent management and information systems, and supports new orientations.

So, what are the new challenges for the transportation companies and what new opportunities are created for the future in our country and in the EU?

Is the transport sector aware of new opportunities?

Are they ready for the dolayısıyla future new market ”, which offers new opportunities for entrepreneurs and therefore require the transport companies to redefine and restructure themselves?

Turkey 2023-2050 Railway Freight Transportation Vision-New Trends in the Post Adoption of the Law on Liberalization and New Opportunities Participants at the seminar Integrated Concept in the European Union, Sustainable
and 2050 Vision, defined as an Effective Network of Mobility, will determine the legal, structural and technical requirements of the future transportation sector, the areas of change and the responsibilities and new opportunities arising from this change.

In this seminar;
Transport and logistic companies with new decision-makers who decide on strategies, policies and investments
senior executives of companies that provide transportation services and logistics companies with support services and products, upper and middle level managers of companies providing transportation to railways and aiming to expand railway investments,
• Intermediate level managers of companies engaged in rail transport,
• Those who want to improve their vision in the transport and logistics sector should participate.

At the end of this seminar program;
Liberalization of Railway Transport of Turkey's Law on Railway and will evaluate what it will bring to the logistics industry, our European vision and grasp 2050 2023 Year National Destination,

Will be able to evaluate current trends at the national and EU level and the future challenges of the sector and interpret the characteristics and advantages of the new mobility concept for Europe. 2050 Europe Vision and 2023 Year

MODULE 1: Future Railways (Mehmet EKTAŞ)
White Book: 2050 Europe Transport Vision
Fundamentals of EU 2050 Transport Vision
Policies for Directing Change
Railway in Multiple Transportation Model
Special Railroad Directions
Movements of Pulling and Towing Vehicles
Energy in the field
Trends in Labor Force

Trends in Information Technology
Single Type Transportation Documents and Tickets
Trends in Financial Area
Turkey Transportation and Communication Strategy Target 2023
Vision of Transport Sector
Strategy and Suggestions for the Transportation Sector
Strategic Purpose of Railway Sector
Strategy and Suggestions for the Railway Sector
Conclusion and Evaluation for the Railway Sector

MODULE 2: Legal and Institutional Framework (İbrahim YİĞİT)

Decree No 655 (Decree Law)
The First Step in Change: The Decree No. 655
DDGM and TCDD Train Operation, Duties and Processes
Law on the Liberalization of Turkish Railways
Liberalization Processes
Turkey and Future Settlements
Private Sector Status

MODULE 3: Operation of Private Firms after Liberation of Railways (Yaşar ROTA)

The Development Process of Railway Management
The Beginning of Railway Management in the World
Railway Management from Ottoman to Republic

Performance criteria that will affect and guide the private sector's railway operations
Performance Criteria in Railway Management
Railway Terminology

MODULE 4: Challenges and Opportunities (Göktuğ KARA)

Reasons for Change
EU's views on railway reform
State of the Rail Sector in EU Countries
Opportunities from Future Vision and Change


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