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📩 24/11/2018 11:40

Turkey's first domestic navigation was developed with the support of TUBITAK. Native navigation with superior features is used as a vehicle tracking system as well as driving directions. Navigation, where the institutions pay great attention, offers new and special usage options for pedestrians and vehicles.
Yolbil company, "New Generation Yolbil Project" with the navigation software with ensure that it remains within the country of resources transferred abroad and previously untested infrastructure to provide corporate solutions in the study began developed the first domestic navigation library of Turkey. This library covers a wide range from standard road navigation to daily use, navigation for visually impaired people with ya blind ete support and infrastructure that can produce enterprise solutions.
In the context of the kapsamında Development of a New Generation Roadside-Based Navigation Engine destek project, which has initiated a domestic revolution in the navigation system, TUBITAK has been supported by the TEYDEB 1507 SME R & D Support Program until now. Emrah Yilmaz, the project manager of the TUBITAK-supported project, said that they had already made a navigation study called iyle YolBil sektör, but that they needed to be rewritten for the developing smartphone sector and that they developed a navigation library that can be used in all applications with the support of TÜBİTAK. Yilmaz stated that the purpose is to ensure that the resources transferred abroad are kept in the country, and that the system can only be used for various purposes.
The new generation of yolbil project Yilmaz, indicating that it is appropriate to address Turkey's biggest contribution to the current navigation structure, "the concept fully address unsettled us as a country, we have the concept of public addresses. It is difficult to navigate without having to write an address clearly. But according to Turkey's Yolbil address the concept that we developed. When we give the address 'Kuğulu Parkını below', 'behind the statue' definitions such as the standard navigation systems are not available. New Generation Yolbil system written in the standard address search fields 'Kuğulu Park, Sculpture' points can be reached from the address search, bil he said.
Navigation, known only Yılmaz said people come to the mind of devices used in vehicles, said corporate navigation introduced in Turkey with yolbil. Yılmaz said: “YolBil project is the only example in the field of corporate solutions. This library, which can operate regardless of screen size and features on each device, was developed by aiming to meet the needs of corporate customers with high efficiency in a short time. The Yolbil system offers corporate solutions around geographic-based field personnel workforce management. These solutions are determined in a very short time thanks to the library developed within the scope of the project by determining the exact need of the customer. We are currently working with PTT, but also with infrastructure companies such as mobese, electricity, natural gas. With the system, the jobs of field employees are easily followed by navigation. The subjects such as where the field team is located, what is the distance to the workplace, where the team closest to the problem area, and when the work is done can be followed. Thus, while all the jobs are easily followed from the center, it is worked more efficiently. ”
Stressing that Yolbil will facilitate the lives of people with disabilities, Yılmaz said, iler Yolbil is able to provide solutions for the visually impaired and the handicapped and physically disabled. Visually handicapped people with no visual quality of YolBil, the surrounding areas are introduced with a blind version of the service, while physically disabled people in the route drawn to which areas are closed to access, which areas are available to see easily. A physically disabled citizen can enter his / her phone immediately to see which stop is the nearest staircase, or to see which stop is the closest to him / her. Iz


Source: UAV

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