Tunnel Works in Gazze

While Yasir el-Benna - the embargo in Gaza continues, the tunnels in the Refah region, located on the border between Egypt and Gaza, act as an industrial zone that meets the basic needs of the people.
The tunnels, where the necessary materials are shipped to meet the basic needs of the Palestinians, attract attention with their width and height. In addition to food, fuel and construction materials, construction vehicles such as bulldozers are shipped from these tunnels.
While food, fuel and construction materials are each transported to Gaza through different compartments opened in tunnels, people are ill, wedding, etc. In cases, he moves to Egypt from the areas allocated to them.
During the deliveries of trucks, jeeps and trailers, Palestinians face many dangers.
Abu Muhammad, in charge of the tunnel workers, said that the tunnel workers were working for $ 15-20 per day and that the work they carried out had a high risk.
Pointing out that there were many explosions especially during the passage of the kitchen tube and fuels, Abu Muhammed said, “People work in this business by taking the death. Or use these tunnels for transportation. These tunnels became graves for tens of people as a result of many explosions and collapses that occurred at different times. ”
Abu Muhammed stated that they need tunnels to continue their lives despite everything and said, “The Egyptian administration's attempt to close the tunnels affected us in every respect. We used to be tired of working hard before, but now the work here has come to a halt. ”
Claiming that "Egyptian officials search through the tunnels and sometimes confiscate our property," Abu Mohammed said that they had great difficulties, especially in fuel delivery.
Abu Muhammed stated that Israel forbids the entry of bulldozer type vehicles used in construction to Gaza and said, “We bring these vehicles from Egypt through tunnels. However, it cost us a lot. ”

Source: your reporter

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